Since starting CyberSmart, we have lived and breathed our brand; from the beloved purple to our tone of voice, right down to the meaning in our logo. Our brand represents the values, sentiment and vision of CyberSmart. We set out to both cut-through and disrupt an industry built on Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt and our branding was designed to reflect that.

It certainly achieved its purpose as we gained the support of leading startup backers Seedcamp, GCHQ Cyber Accelerator, CyLon and LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement). We raised funding from influential investors and perhaps most validating, have grown from an idea to over 600 loyal customers in less than 2 years, making us one of the fastest growing startups in the UK.

However, CyberSmart is now entering its next phase of growth and that requires us to reflect on how we communicate. Our mission to protect and empower millions of SMEs is no small feat and requires a large scale collaboration between government and industry worldwide. Our brand needs to reflect and speak directly to the audience we are reaching.

We consulted with our key stakeholders – our employees, investors, partners, government, industry, and our customers. We asked them what they value from CyberSmart and how we can best convey what we do. Here’s what they told us:

Our language

Trusted. Accessible. Agile.

Trust is at the core of what we do. CyberSmart is built by experts, protects thousands of people every day, backed by the government and assured to the highest security standards.

Our focus has always been reducing complexity and making compliance and security accessible. In order to change the perspective of an industry, we needed to speak in a language that everyone can understand.

We are truly agile. We set out to change the way people think about compliance and create technology that empowers customers. We adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape and reinvent the way we work to not only stay ahead but to create the curve.

Our brand identity

Our identity has been updated to better communicate the assurance we provide and best represent who we are today. It’s one that is established, professional and dependable.

variety of colours cybersmart logo

cybersmart white and blue

Our culture

We’ve made significant changes internally as part of CyberSmart 3.0. This included a focus on the culture that will support our team as it scales and an organisational framework that ensures everyone in the team is aligned on our ambitious objectives.

Why this all matters

This is another step towards our bold mission, one that we are all a part of. We’re grateful for your support and look forward to welcoming you on the next phase of our journey.

Jamie Akhtar, CEO