From June 1, all of our security certification offerings will also include access to CyberSmart Active Protect, previously only available through our software offering. Our new packages provide everyone the same level of safety and customer support no matter the size of their business.

CyberSmart’s vision for the world is one in which no person thinks twice about the privacy of their data online. This is because every business, no matter how small, understands what it means to be cyber secure and has access to the tools to protect itself. We want to champion this process. And for a long time we’ve been doing just that.

Since we started this journey, we have offered a simple and accessible path for hundreds of SMEs to achieve government certifications like Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance & GDPR Readiness.

But we also offered something more through our software package; the ability, using CyberSmart Active Protect and the CyberSmart Dashboard, to ensure all devices in a company are compliant with regulations, all the time. We also had an enhanced Pro version of this software which included advanced security and compliance features.

Recently we have realised that having such core features for only some of our customers just isn’t in line with our values. If we’re going to create a trustworthy digital world, we can’t offer different levels of protection to different customers.

As we re-evaluated our offerings, we have also decided to change our pricing to deliver great value. To streamline the process, we are determining pricing based on the size of the company so small companies with fewer devices, aren’t paying the same price as a big enterprise.

What does the new pricing look like?

You can see our three new bundles and their prices on our new pricing portal. Price packages are now determined by the size of your company and include access to CyberSmart Active Protect.

See our new pricing and packages.

A free license for certification-only customers

This change doesn’t just impact new customers. If you received your Cyber Essentials certification through us, you can get one license to our software for your company devices for free. Simply login to the CyberSmart Dashboard to access.

Why is compliance software important?

More than ever, SMEs and their employees are relying on their own devices to do business. After all, they are powerful machines- connected to fast mobile networks with all the applications we need to be productive. But that also means we’re using them for storing sensitive data and processing payments, and they are susceptible to the same threats of data breach as hardware in the office. Our compliance software can be installed on any and every device from a home computer to a mobile phone, so you can be sure all employees are keeping cyber safe.

What does CyberSmart Active Protect do?

CyberSmart Active Protect is easily installed on any device- personal or company-owned- and runs continually in the background, assessing its security every 15 minutes. When a device fails a security check, it is immediately reported to a centralised dashboard with simple step-by-step instructions on how to fix the issue.

In addition to security monitoring, the app provides a platform for company policy distribution so every team member can have access to critical company policies on their device.

With a growing culture of remote working, dispersed workforces, and endless professional systems, outstanding cyber hygiene is now critical for the success of small businesses.

Unfortunately, certification in this field only guarantees protection at a single moment in time. We have found many businesses lapse in security within a few months of certification. That’s why we want to take protection of all of our customers one step further through continuous compliance.

See our new pricing and packages.