Cyber essentials: Why is cybersecurity so important?

Cybersecurity is one of the best investments that your business will make. It is essential not just to keep up with GDPR regulations, or ensure you are IASME and SAR compliant, but also for the health of your company and the data you use. So whether you are looking at ways to keep customer, staff or investor data safe, it is worth taking some time to learn about potential cyber threats.

Cyber attacks: What are they?

Cyberattack is a phrase often thrown around without a definition. But simply put, a cyber attack is a ‘malicious and deliberate’ attempt to access or use the data of another company or individual. There are a huge variety of cyber attacks, but they all have one thing in common: The attacker is generally seeking some benefit from the attack. Whether this benefit is ‘hacktivism’ or a ‘ransom’, it is almost always disruptive to the victim company.

Let’s look at some of the most common cyber attacks


Malware breaches are up there in the top 3, with the serious consequences including ransomware, installing harmful software on a system, and covertly accessing private data. A malware attack is one of the most common because it relies on human error to make a breach. In a malware attack, a user will typically open a link or attachment in an email.

Denial of service

For big business and corporations, this is one of the dreaded top 3. It is both common and incredibly disruptive. In a typical denial-of-service attack a network or server is flooded with traffic. This results in exhausted bandwidth and stops the business from being able to fulfil legitimate work.

Man in the middle

A man in the middle attack is something every business is vulnerable to, large or small. It is also known as an eavesdropping attack, and relieve of unsecured Wi-Fi or a breached network. It allows the attacker to steal data and interrupt traffic and is incredibly common.

Make your business safe: Cyber essentials plus

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