If you call CyberSmart with a question, odds are you’ll end up speaking to the warm, bubbly voice of Narinder Hans, Head of Customer Success, and the engine behind CyberSmart’s drive to put customers first.

Narinder Hans, Head of Customer Success

As we try to create a safer digital world, CyberSmart is committed to being a customer-led company. That means we prioritise understanding who our customers are, their struggles, and offering all the tools to help navigate them. The core of these activities is the arena of our Customer Success Team who are responsible for greeting and helping every customer who walks through our virtual door. 

In addition to helping customers directly, they serve a crucial role in keeping a pulse on the changing needs of businesses so we can continue to adapt our product and services accordingly.

Today, we sat down with Narinder to discuss his perspective on customer success at CyberSmart and his vision for the future.

What does customer success mean to you?

If you ask ten people this question, I’m pretty confident you will get ten different answers but the underlying responses will be similar. Basically, we are here to deliver happiness to our customers in whatever shape that may be. It might be getting certified as quickly as possible or it might be installing our compliance app on new devices.

In addition, someone may contact us about an ISO27001, a certification we don’t currently offer, and we will make sure we give them details of our partners who can assist. Someone may want to do a course in cybersecurity (we don’t offer any courses) and we will point them in the right direction. If someone needs to protect their business, we will certainly help them do this! 

To me, customer success is a mindset before it’s a department and it informs strategy.

To me, customer success is a mindset before it’s a department and it informs strategy. When we prioritise customer success it helps CyberSmart better understand the customer experience and lifecycle so we continue to improve our offering. After all, we are the front line in terms of building relationships with customers and that shapes who we are.

What does a day in Customer Success look like?

No two days are the same for the Customer Success team. Basically, we are responsible for all inbound triage and making sure this is passed onto the relevant functions. Days are filled with interacting with potential customers and existing customers through phone calls or live chats, and liaising with the different teams across CyberSmart to find solutions. 

A typical day might include resolving a customer query, providing information on our products to a potential customer, a product demo, providing customer feedback to our product team, and packaging and posting our certificates to our customers. And that’s before lunch!

What motivates you in your role? 

Interacting with our customers is definitely the highlight of my role. It’s great to be able to really understand a customer’s needs then go on to resolve their issues and provide expert advice.

What’s the future of Customer Success? 

Customer Success is constantly evolving. We are at the stage where we are focusing on efficiency and self-service. Our customers are busy, self-sufficient people so we want to give them the resources they need to find their own answers to questions and save them time talking to the team. To do that, we are currently updating our FAQs on our website, automating our onboarding process, and developing a collection of documents and guidance.

In the future, Customer Success will evolve with the introduction of AI and analysis of data to preempt customer queries so they are solved before the customer gets in touch. That said, it’s very important that we don’t lose all human interaction with our customers. These interactions are what really bring life to the company and help us grow in the right direction. This is something the team are very passionate about and believe strongly in. 

Final question- what’s the weirdest customer request you’ve gotten? 

We’ve had very few strange ones to be honest! But a couple highlights were the man asking us to spy on his wife and someone looking for physical security alarms. We can’t protect your office but we can protect all the devices in it…

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