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Cyber Essentials

The simplest and fastest way to achieve Cyber Essentials,
an ESFA funding requirement.
From £59 per/month.

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More than a funding requirement

Back in 2014, the British government recognised the enormous risk posed by cyber-attacks on UK organisations. The government also recognised that the majority of these risks could be avoided by following a set of basic security measures. In response, they launched the Cyber Essentials scheme.

The certification scheme ensures a standard level of cybersecurity across organisations, and it’s proven to be an extremely effective framework for organisations to protect the data of their users and employees.

Why CyberSmart?

CyberSmart makes the complicated, often expensive, Cyber Essentials certification process, quick and painless.
We’ll get you certified within 24 hours, with unlimited live support from our cybersecurity experts and a “no-fail” guarantee (or will give you your money back).
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Safety First

With scarce resources and a large bring-your-own-device culture, educational organisations are particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals. Last year, a hacker-simulation test proved 100% successful in breaching 50 universities across the country to access student and staff personal data, financial systems and valuable research networks.

Security simplified

Same day certification
Unlimited live support, guiding you through every question
*Or 30 day money-back guarantee
From £59 a month

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Our team is here to make securing your business automated and simple. Have questions? Contact us today.

Once you get going, we have live chat with unlimited support and the expertise of in-house digital auditors to make sure you pass the first time.

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