Prevent cyber attacks & keep cyber insurance costs low.

Cyber insurance is a safety net. We prevent the need of using it and keep premiums low.

No jargon. No expertise required. No problem.

We are designing our product to use no jargon. You don’t need expertise to implement basic security controls that mitigates 99% of cyberattacks. We’ll walk you through it.

Cybersecurity best practices on every device.

Let your team use whatever device they want without compromising on cybersecurity. Be it company-issued or BYOD, we help you onboard your team to the same cybersecurity best practice.

A risk score that gives insurer confidence.

Every step you take with us leads you to a healthier risk score that you can share with one of our cyber insurance partners. A lower risk score leads to lower insurance cost. And that’s a win for all.

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