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A threat to public health

Healthcare suffers from nearly 3x more security breaches than any other sector. It’s an industry heavily reliant on technology and complex supply chains to deliver its services, and hackers are taking advantage of an overwhelmed workforce during the coronavirus pandemic.

Attacks on healthcare providers are not random. Personal health information is 10 times more valuable on the black market than financial information. With patients who are often dealing with life-threatening conditions, exchanging large amounts of money and financial information, privacy is essential. But without structural security in place, patient data is at greater risk than ever.

If you are a medical supplier, you are part of a large connected network with a responsibility to protect your business and those you work with. One breach in the supply chain can affect you. Show you value security.

cyber essentials certificate issued by CyberSmart and accredited by IASME

Safeguard your data. Keep patients and your supply chain safe.

Luckily, the vast majority of these cyber attacks (99% according to Lancaster University research) can be avoided through the standards of cyber hygiene covered in the UK government’s Cyber Essentials certification scheme. In fact, certification in the scheme is required for many government and NHS tenders.

That’s why we offer organisations a quick path to certification and software to make sure they’re always cyber safe.

Security made simple.

CyberSmart is the market leader in offering security standards certification quickly and efficiently. We will get you certified within 24 hours with a guaranteed 100% pass rate.

And we don’t stop at certification. Our continuous compliance software is easily installed on every employee device- personal and professional- so you can be sure everyone is being cyber hygienic in the workplace. No matter where they are in the world.



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“Fast and Professional!!

From start to finish, which was incidentally very, very fast, Cybersmart were awesome to deal with. Great support over the phone and then follow-ups by email – which were instantaneous! If you are looking to get your business Cyber Essentials Certified – you can stop looking and go here!”

– Ifan Jones

“I highly recommend using CyberSmart for Cyber Essentials and GDPR certification. They were very open and straightforward to deal with and are perfect for a startup led by somebody who knows very little about IT and tech. Their review of my IT systems was quick, effortless and well supported by a knowledgeable team.”


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