In the age of remote working, security is a necessity, not a luxury.

42% of devices being used by employees are unprotected at any given time. With so many people using compromised laptops or home computers to log-in to the corporate network, they are creating a weak link in the security chain, and potentially devastating damage to your business.

Basic cyber hygiene goes a long way

Luckily, we’ve got a secret that will make your day. The vast majority of cyber attacks (99% according to Lancaster University research) can be avoided through basic cyber hygiene covered in the UK government’s Cyber Essentials scheme. This includes maintaining strong password protection, up-to-date software and firewalls, and anti-malware.

That’s why we offer businesses a quick path to certification and software to make sure they’re always cyber safe.

Security simplified

CyberSmart is the market leader in offering certification quickly and efficiently. We will get you certified within 24 hours with a guaranteed 100% pass rate.

But we don’t stop at certification. Our continuous compliance software is easily installed on every employee device- personal and professional- so you can be sure everyone is being cyber hygienic in the workplace. No matter where they are in the world.

We're here to help

Our team is here to make securing your business automated and simple. Have questions?  Click the live chat icon or contact us today.

Once you get going, we have live chat with unlimited support and the expertise of in-house auditors to make sure you pass the first time.

Download: Step by step guide to achieve Cyber Essentials

“I love CyberSmart. In a world consumed in data, it is vital to make sure you are secure. Unfortunately, with all this data it can be scary about the 100 of things you need to do and think about to ensure this happens, but CyberSmart works with you to ensure that you carry out all the necessary steps to ensure that you limit your risks.They have a very user-friendly interface and staff that compliments this. They are highly responsive, welcoming and helpful.”

– Benjamin Pook

“Amazing security streamlining application!

Great service, all important documentation in one place. Easy to read and share with stakeholders reports. I highly recommend Cyber Smart.”

Joanna Wlazak

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