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Get systems vulnerability scans on your IT assets, with CyberSmart VSS.

Cyber Essentials is a great starting point for improving your business’s cybersecurity. But IT structures undergo constant change. And certification only guarantees you’re safe on the day of assessment.

What if there was an easy, monthly service that guaranteed your business was working safely every day?

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in association with National Cyber Security Centre
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
EU GDPR Compliant
in association with National Cyber Security Centre
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
EU GDPR Compliant

Why you need CyberSmart VSS

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Always be prepared

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In-depth regular scans

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CyberSmart VSS has you covered

It’s the perfect preparation for the annual Cyber Essentials certification

Regular vulnerability scans, allow you to be on top of your security posture and keep your business safe 365 days a year

Most cyber insurance requires regular vulnerability scans, keep a full vulnerability audit trail

What’s included?

Monthly Report of your Network

A monthly report outlining all the vulnerabilities in your network with advice on how to fix them.

Automated internal vulnerability scanning

Regular, automated scans to pick up any out-of-date software, wrongly configured defences, and other vulnerabilities.

Coverage on every device

CyberSmart VSS is easy to install and can be set up to scan as many devices as you need.


Benefits of the CyberSmart Vulnerability Scanning Service include:

Cost-effective, year-round protection from cyber threats
Covers every device in your network
Save time through automated reporting
Simple, jargon-free reports
Step-by-step guides to fixing issues

Got questions?

We’re here to help. Contact us on 0203 973 0185

Alternatively, our knowledge base is jam-packed with handy guides on all things cybersecurity.

And once you get going, we offer unlimited live chat with our team of experts, giving you all the guidance you need to pass the first time.

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