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Getting you GDPR ready

There's been a lot of talk about GDPR

Compliance with GDPR requires a holistic approach due to the complexity of the regulation and a significant component of that is assessing and securing company data.

Get ready with CyberSmart

A large component of GDPR is safely securing data and preventing data breaches. We help you achieve this by;

Checking and resolving security issues in real time

Using Smart Policies for digital distribution amongst staff

 Awarding IASME and GDPR Readiness certification

Protect your data

Our approach to GDPR

We’re here to guide your business through the relatively complex and broadly spanning GDPR journey.

We have combined GDPR requirements with cyber security best practice because we believe that updating a privacy policy isn’t sufficient.

Utilising the IASME Governance framework will reduce your cyber risk by over 80% and ensures processes for risk mitigation, business continuity and data protection for startups & SMB’s.

For the ambitious, it’s also the ideal stepping stone towards achieving ISO 27001. We know because we’ve done it over and over for our clients, and ourselves.

Data protection with CyberSmart

  • GDPR compliant policies
  • Data privacy risk assessment
  • Digital risk assessment
  • Guided questionnaire and expert support
  • 24 hour GDPR certification

GDPR compliance made easy with CyberSmart

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1. Digitally Assess

Our analysis tools and guidance allow you rapidly figure out your current position. Conduct data mapping and digital privacy impact assessments with our support.  If you have them, compare your existing policies to our GDPR compliant ones. You’ll know where you stand in no time.


2. Implement GDPR

Update your website and contracts with your new data protection policy – your customers will love it! Use Smart Policies to digitally distribute all your internal policies. We’ll prompt your team until they have read and agreed – all digitally. In your dashboard you’ll see the status of your rollout in realtime.


3. Achieve Certification

You’ve done all the hard work and now it’s time to show that by achieving GDPR readiness certification. We’ve baked the certification process in our platform, if you’ve used our templates then we’ll even answer some of the questions for you. We’ve got guided support, model answers and our world-class live chat if you have any specific questions.


4. Maintain Compliance

This is the easy bit thanks to our philosophy of continuous compliance. As new team members join your company, they use the CyberSmart app to instantly read and sign your policies. We’ll drop you a weekly email update so you know everything is in top shape and let you know when it’s time to renew your certification.

Get your company GDPR compliant

Assessment, rollout and certification - we'll guide you every step of the way