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Cyber Essentials is an official UK wide, government-backed certification that helps companies to guard against the most common cyber threats and reduce your risk by at least 80%. It also allows you to demonstrate your commitment to cyber security to prospective customers.


Unlike other providers, the following is NOT required for certification;

1) Vulnerability Testing 

2) Cyber Security Training

3) Penetration Testing 

What We Offer

1. Smart Pay

Scared to pay for Cyber Essentials upfront?

With CyberSmart;

✅ Cyber Essentials from £49 a month

✅ Certification without the financial burden

✅ Spread the payments over 12 months

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2. Same Day Certification

Willing to lose a big contract because your certificate came late?

With CyberSmart;

✅ Certification within 24 hours

✅ Official Government backed Cyber Essentials certification

✅ Smart software to ensure prompt certification

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3. Guaranteed Certification

Why risk failing Cyber Essentials?

With CyberSmart;

✅Smart software that checks that you won’t fail before you submit

✅Model answers that ensure 100% pass rate

✅Live support to guide you through the questionnaire

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What Our Customers Say

“Navigating the world of information & data security is hard, but CyberSmart has made it easy for us at CharlieHR – they’ve been supporting and knowledgeable every step of the way, we wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for them.”

Ben Gateley- Co-Founder & COO

“Not only does the product make the whole process easy and self-service, the team at CyberSmart have been extremely knowledgeable and have gone out of their way to make the process completely painless.”

James Gill - Founder & CEO

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