CyberSmart nominated for 3 awards

Network group awards

Three really is the magic number for CyberSmart. We’re delighted to announce we’ve been nominated for three awards at the upcoming Network Group Awards 2020.

Who is Network Group?

Network Group is a member-owned organisation committed to transforming the customer experience and driving customer-led growth in the tech sector. It aims to do this by providing tech business leaders access to peer group support, development tools and new opportunities.

What are the awards for?

We’ve been nominated in three categories at this year’s awards: 

  • Specialist Vendor of the Year
  • Business Product of the Year
  • Biggest Impact New Partner

We’re especially pleased to have been nominated in the ‘Biggest Impact New Partner’ category. Firstly, because we’re up against some truly innovative businesses. And, secondly, because our goal is to make an impact globally. 

Cybercrime is projected to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, and 58% of it targets small businesses. Meanwhile, businesses with the resources to weather continuous cyberattacks are gaining an unfair advantage over small businesses who don’t. We call this the ‘cybersecurity gap’. 

Our aim is to help SMEs all over the world bridge this gap, by improving their understanding of cybersecurity and giving them the tools to better protect themselves. So, to be recognised as making an impact, even at this early stage, is real motivation for 2021 and beyond. 

Are you a small business looking to improve cybersecurity but not sure where to begin? Start by getting certified in Cyber Essentials, the UK government scheme that covers all the fundamentals of cyber hygiene.

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