Access all the security experience of a CISO*, without hiring one.

* Chief Information Security Officer

Our platform helps you set up a cybersecurity plan that is just right for small business.

No jargon. No expertise required. No problem.

We know how frustrating it is to see jargon when you’re seeking for advice or support. So, we are designing our platform to explain things in plain language, making it easy for you & your team to understand.

Get the cybersecurity basics right.

The basic security controls & policies recommended by our platform prevent 99% of cyber attacks. Save your budget for other critical parts of your business, instead of paying a security consultant.

Keeping an eye without being creepy.

We get it. You want to know the moment a device is vulnerable to cyberattack, but don’t need to know what movie Sam is watching tonight. You can monitor every device 24/7 with non-intrusive device scans via our platform.

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