How CyberSmart enhances protection against Qilin ransomware

Qilin ransomware

The emergence of Qilin ransomware as a formidable cyber threat requires robust cybersecurity measures. In this blog, we’ll look at how CyberSmart is helping organisations defend against this sophistacted malware.

What is Qilin ransomware?

Qilin ransomware is distinguished by its advanced encryption techniques. It uses a blend of AES (symmetric) and RSA (asymmetric) encryption to secure data. This makes decryption very difficult without the corresponding keys.

Qilin ransomware is adept at exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities, allowing it to infiltrate and persist within systems undetected.

How does it get in?

Given it’s sophistication, you might expect Qilin ransomware to require an eqaully refined delivery method. But that’s not the case. Most Qilin attacks are launched via common phishing scams. Once in, it exploits vulnerabilities to spread quickly across systems.

Qilin’s Operational Tactics

Qilin’s operational tactics are what make it so tricky to deal with. For example, it can customise its payload to avoid detection or change its approach to exploit the target’s weaknesses.

It also uses lateral movement techniques to spread accross networks, encrypting valuable data and altering file extensions. This makes file recovery extremely difficult.

Global Impact

Qilin primarily targets sectors where data access is critical. These include industries like healthcare and manufacturing which offer criminals the chance for maximum disruption.

All this demonstrates the importance of an adaptive approach to cybersecurity to counter the threat – which is where CyberSmart comes in.

CyberSmart’s defensive strategies

CyberSmart’s comprehensive suite of tools can significantly mitigate the risks posed by threats like Qilin. Here’s how.

1. Endpoint monitoring and compliance assurance

CyberSmart Active Protect continuously monitors endpoints. This ensures that every system in your business complies with the latest security standards. In addition, it quickly identifies vulnerabilities and provides simple instructions for mitigating them – depriving Qilin of gaps to exploit.

2. Education to combat phishing

According to a study from IBM, 95% of all cyberattacks are caused by human error. And, this is especially true of ransomware attacks. CyberSmart Academy focuses on reducing human error. It does this through targeted training to help employees recognise and avoid phishing attempts and other social engineering tactics.

3. Proactive vulnerability management

Routine vulnerability scans are critical in preempting attacks. They help to identify and address the security loopholes threats like Qilin try to wriggle through.

4. Data recovery and continuity planning 

With our partners’ support, we encourage all businesses to implement data recovery and backup plans. This approach minimises the downtime and operational impact caused by a breach. So, even if the worst-case scenario happens, you’ll recover quickly.

5. Install and maintain anti-malware solutions

Although CyberSmart doesn’t directly handle malware detection, it ensures that anti-malware solutions are installed and configured correctly. Again, this provides confidence that your whole network is adequately protected.

The need for layered cybersecurity strategies

The threat Qilin poses highlights the need for a layered cybersecurity strategy. What do we mean by that?

Well, in short, protection against sophisticated ransomware is about more than anti-malware tools. Organisations must maintain rigorous update protocols, regularly monitor systems and enhance employee awareness to properly mitigate risk.

By integrating CyberSmart’s advanced security solutions, businesses can strengthen their defences and ensure greater resilience against cyber threats.

Jamie Akhtar, CEO at CyberSmart, adds:
“In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, it’s vital that our defences not only match but exceed the level of threat we face. Sectors like healthcare, previously considered off-limits, are now actively targeted due to legacy systems, interconnectedness, and the necessity to restore services quickly. CyberSmart is committed to collaborating with our extensive partner network to deliver complete cyber confidence for organisations against complex threats like the Qilin ransomware. This commitment is crucial for maintaining the trust and safety of the digital systems that power our everyday lives.”
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