Cybersecurity Insurance for Small Businesses

Designed for financial security and recovery

Help safeguard against compensation costs of unexpected claims.

Cyber insurance can be an important tool in your kit following a cyber attack.


60% of small companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber attack. So it’s important to have fallbacks in place to recover fast from cyber incidents.


Cyber insurance is designed to protect your business from the associated costs of claims following a cyber attack, often helping you recover faster.

What’s included?

£100K free insurance designed to cover successful claims for financial liabilities and penalties associated with cyber security breaches, and business recovery. Plus – get 24/7 access to breach response services. Our Ransomware and Recovery Toolbox equips you with the necessary frameworks to help ensure swifter business continuity after an adverse event.

Cyber liability insurance

  • Free insurance up to £100K

    Our cyber liability coverage will support you should your business be attacked. It provides crucial funds for recovering your digital and data assets, as well as support for any legal or regulatory penalties sustained.

  • Media and advertising liability

    Coverage for damages incurred when mounting a legal defence against another person or organisation, including:

    • Defamation, libel, slander, infliction of emotional distress or harm to reputation
    • Plagiarism, piracy, misappropriation of ideas and
      infringement of domain name, trademark, trade name, trade dress, logo, title, metatag, slogan, service mark or service name
    • Infringement of physical property rights, including
      trespassing, wrongful entry or eviction. false arrest,
      detention and imprisonment
  • Regulatory defence and paying of penalties

    Support for defence and penalties in the event of a regulatory proceeding, due to a data or security breach.

  • Website and data recovery

    Specialist recovery of your website in the event of a Distributed-Denial-of-Service-Attack (DDoS), resulting in the slowing down or failure of your website. In addition, coverage for the costs to regain, replace or restore data in the event of a breach.

  • Breach response services

    Access to 24-hour support from legal, cyber security and cyber event handling experts, including:

    • A PCI forensic investigator to analyse a known or reasonably suspected data breach involving credit or debit card data.
    • A qualified security assessor to certify and assist in attesting to your PCI compliance, as required by a merchant services agreement.
    • A lawyer to provide legal advice on your obligations in terms of breach notice laws or a merchant services agreement.
    • A computer security expert to determine the existence, cause and scope of an actual or reasonably suspected data breach and if the breach is actively in progress on your computer systems, to assist in containing it.
    • A call centre to respond to your customer inquiries about a data breach and more.

Ransomware recovery and response

  • Battle-tested plans

    Tried and tested ransomware recovery plans built with small businesses in mind. Quantify risk, assess the likelihood of adverse events and put strategies in place to avert or mitigate the outcome.

  • Best practice guide

    Educate your business on what ransomware is, how it works and processes you can implement in order to reduce the possibility and impact of an attack. Enforce cyber secure behaviours through training, policy management and safe device configuration.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Establish a well-defined incident response plan that includes specific procedures for dealing with ransomware attacks. Develop clear communication protocols to keep stakeholders informed during and after a ransomware incident. Reduce the likelihood of a successful attack through education and the enforcing of cyber secure behaviours.


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Cybersecurity training and certification

Build the human firewall. Comprehensive training, certification and IT policy management solutions built for SMEs.

Cybersecurity risk management

Unparalleled scale and control. Your cybersecurity, your way; configurable, automated and efficient, built for SMEs.

Cybersecurity support

Expertise that meets your business needs. Unlimited help and support, built for SMEs.

Who is it for?

Small and medium sized enterprises

Complete cybersecurity solutions for SMEs. Protect your critical data, train your employees in cyber-secure behaviours, ensure policy compliance and meet your security goals confidently with CyberSmart.

Managed IT providers

Enhance your product portfolio, with complete security solutions built for SMEs. Deliver Cyber Essentials certification, protect your customers with Active Protect and partner with the leading UK provider of SME cybersecurity.

Frequently asked questions

  • Cyber insurance is the final layer of protection needed for complete cyber confidence. If you do get breached, cyber insurance can be the difference between business failure and getting up and running again quickly.

  • Yes. Small businesses often lack the resources to weather a serious breach alone, making cyber insurance doubly important. However, we recognise that with ever-rising premiums, cyber insurance can be unaffordable for some small businesses, which is why we offer it free with some of our bundles.

  • Cyber and privacy liability, media and advertising liability, regulatory defence and penalties, payment card liabilities and costs, website recovery services, data recovery costs, cyber business interruption costs, and breach response services.

  • Simply purchase one of our bundles, complete your Cyber Essentials Certification and you’ll be offered free cyber insurance up to £100k.

  • Most ransomware uses a special kind of encryption, called ‘asymmetric encryption’. Cybercriminals use this to ‘lock’ access to your files or data, only giving you the key to decrypt it once a ransom has been paid.

  • Ransomware comes in many forms and can enter your system in a variety of ways. However, the most common route is through email spam campaigns or through a carefully targeted attack, such as the attack on the NHS in 2017. Once in, the ransomware will hunt for important files or data to encrypt and hold to ransom.

  • There’s no single thing that stops ransomware but a combination of the following can prevent most attacks: staff cybersecurity training, regularly patching/updating software, data backups, clear security policies, and sticking to secure networks – all things CyberSmart’s solutions can help you achieve.

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