The not-so-secret weapon in the fight against cybercrime

How CyberSmart gives businesses Complete Cyber Confidence

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Proactive Risk Management

Identify and mitigate risks before cybercriminals can exploit them.

Go on the offensive with tried and tested risk management capabilities. Map potential threats to battle-tested templates and continuously manage employee knowledge and security configurations to ensure business protection.

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Continuous Monitoring

Regularly monitoring systems and networks allows you to detect unusual activity and respond quickly, preventing or minimising the impact of security incidents.

Centralise and track security and compliance with always-on monitoring and compliance. Verify your status every 15 mins, including policy acknowledgements, device configurations, software vulnerabilities and completed cybersecurity awareness training modules.

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Incident Response Plans

A well-defined incident response plan ensures a swift and effective response to security incidents, limiting their impact and aiding recovery.

Pre-made plans and guides to give your company the organisation and confidence they need to respond to cyber threats. Up to £100k insurance for successful claims and access to expert breach services to help resume normal business after a breach.

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Cyber Aware Employees

Human error is a common cause of security breaches. So, establish ongoing training for employees, ensuring they’re aware of security best practices and potential threats.

CyberSmart provides your employees with 18 curated training modules to increase awareness around safe cyber behaviours. In-platform guidance for fixing device misconfigurations and user guides empower employees to contribute to the defence of the business.

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Effective Risk Reporting

Quantify, assess and measure risk against other emerging threats to provide a plan of action and a true view of cybersecurity defences.

Gain complete visibility across all activated devices. Company cyber health is reported centrally, updated regularly and gives recommendations on how to fix critical weaknesses. Reports for organisational, employee and device security will support you in proactively identifying, prioritising and mitigating risk.

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Purposeful IT Policies

Establish workplace policies to enforce cybersafe conduct. Policies should be clear, comprehensive and regularly updated to ensure that the latest knowledge is reflected in the procedures.

Craft clear business policies that set out expectations and guidelines for rules, standards, values, culture, and benefits. Manage company operating procedures from one consolidated view and gather acknowledgements at scale.

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Demonstrable Cyber Credentials

External verification and certification of your cyber credentials, establishes beyond doubt, that your business is a secure company to work with and for.

Demonstrate your business expertise and accreditations to give customers confidence in your company’s security. Government-endorsed Cyber Essentials certifications will help you win more business, open up government contracts and prove your commitment to security.

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A Culture of Cyber Vigilance

Security is more than a box-ticking exercise. Employees, outside of IT roles, are aware of threats, how to reduce their exposure to them and report suspicious activity.

As procedure turns into practise, your business will obtain and maintain complete protection. Reinforce knowledge through annual training updates, notifications about missed policies and access to the latest cyber trends and insights.

The Benefits of Complete Cyber Confidence

  • Proven cybersecurity measures demonstrate a trustworthy company to do business with. Accreditations provide extra assurance by establishing credibility – helping you gain customer trust and win more business.

  • Prevention is cheaper than the cure. Remove downtime costs and the effects of business discontinuity by strengthening your security. When you secure your company, you protect your investments from unfavourable circumstances and grow your revenue.

  • Create more secure organisations and healthier, happier workplaces, by reducing the human cost of cyberattacks. Employees with cyber confidence are less vulnerable to threats, experience improved mental health and are more likely to participate in new cybersecurity initiatives.

  • Cyberattacks are bad for business. Stolen data increases churn and can lead to lost business and legal action. So, when you protect yourself, you protect others and strengthen your supply chain.

  • Establishing strong and secure cybersecurity foundations early on will help your business weather future growth spurts and provide you with a sustainable framework that can grow as your company does. Maintaining regular operations and minimising interruptions to service are critical for ensuring company longevity, resilience and prosperity in today’s digital world.

  • Strong cybersecurity safeguards and procedures allow employees to concentrate on their job rather than having to constantly learn new rules or change their ways of working. Organisations can foster digital trust among employees by empowering them with greater control over the tools and technologies they use, provide greater visibility and accountability of IT teams and as a result, guarantee the security and dependability of their systems without compromising productivity.

  • A customer’s propensity to buy goods and services is closely correlated with their level of brand and company trust. Organisations that embed cybersecurity into routine business operations and communicate it through marketing initiatives, will inevitably acquire more customers who care about the handling of their data. Moreover, by safeguarding confidential company information and intellectual property, you prevent competitors from acquiring and exploiting your trade secrets to steal your business.

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