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Complete Cyber Confidence

The CyberSmart Platform

Our cybersecurity platform gives you the tools you need to prevent breaches, attacks and exploits through cyber awareness training, device monitoring, cyber insurance to help safeguard against unexpected claims, policy management and certification.

  • Protection from 99.8% of common cyber attacks

  • Get certified within as little as 24 hours

  • Protect devices across desktop, tablet and mobile

  • Get up to £100k in cyber insurance

  • Access to curated cyber training modules

Complete cyber commitment

Demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity through extensive employee training programmes, best practice policies procedures and accreditations for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Training modules

Schedule 18 training modules for your staff and track completion rates


Get certified through government endorsed Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

Policy management

Create and manage policies through our digital builder and gather acknowledgements for compliance purposes

Complete cyber vigilance

Guard your business against device misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities; deny attackers a backdoor into your critical systems and infrastructure

Device configuration monitoring

Check device misconfigurations for all major operating systems across desktop and mobile

Software vulnerability scanning

Continuously monitor your business and personal devices for critical vulnerabilities and software weaknesses

Device hardware

Review desktop hardware remotely and identify areas to improve performance

Complete cyber resilience

Withstand breaches and attacks, through extensive cyber insurance, support for business continuity and pre-emptive disaster recovery plans

Cyber insurance

Get up to £100K cyber liability insurance; designed to help cover the associated costs of legal penalties, media liabilities and more in the event of a successful claim

Breach response

Access specialists through 24/7 breach response services, including forensic, legal and cybersecurity support

Risk assessment frameworks

Capture threats before they strike in our pre-built risk assessment frameworks

Complete cyber direction

Know what to do next, with extensive reporting, configurable roles and permissions and workflows for managing customer queries

Privacy management

Gather and respond to information requests from customers and ensure website compliance through our privacy policy builder

Dashboards and reports

Centralise cybersecurity training, policies, certification and protection in one place and report on the performance of different areas of the business

Platform access and configuration

Set roles and permissions for different users and protect your processes from unauthorised access

Complete cyber aid

Draw on our years of expertise and large partner base, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cybersecurity

Account management

Advice from a dedicated account manager and access to our support teams who guide users on best practices and how to reduce time to value in the CyberSmart platform

Partner network

Access to over 500 specialist partners across managed cybersecurity, consultancy and procurement

Platform onboarding

Multiple deployment options for the CyberSmart platform, including bulk and individual enrolment, with a fully supported and documented onboarding process

Who is it for?

Small and medium sized enterprises

Complete cybersecurity solutions for SMEs. Protect your critical data, train your employees in cyber-secure behaviours, ensure policy compliance and meet your security goals confidently with CyberSmart.

Managed IT providers

Enhance your product portfolio, with complete security solutions built for SMEs. Deliver Cyber Essentials certification, protect your customers with Active Protect and partner with the leading UK provider of SME cybersecurity.

Partner with the UK’s leading cybersecurity solution for SMEs

Provide scalable cybersecurity monitoring, training and insurance with an all-in-one solution. Boost your service offerings, build strong client relationships and add market-leading SME cybersecurity to your product bundles. Access exclusive discounts, marketing development funds, free certification and vulnerability scanning.

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