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Privacy Management

  • Build trust and safeguard data

    Prove your privacy credentials through GDPR-compliant data request processes that allow your customers to send queries on the data held on them.

  • Meet your regulatory requirements

    Enforce secure controls around the handling of personal and private data with GDPR-ready frameworks and workflows.

  • Ensure third-party vendor compliance

    Ensure your vendors are GDPR-compliant through tested contract templates and addendums. Verify their privacy credentials, through vendor checklists.

  • Capture and control system and software access

    Record who has access to which devices and software to minimise risks to the business. Ensure that only those with the right permissions, have access to your most critical data and systems.

  • Map and manage your liabilities

    Analyse the business impact of negative events and create risk treatment plans to mitigate their influence on business continuity.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    GDPR-compliant privacy workflows for the collection of information requests are automated, efficient and fast to deploy.

    Our privacy policy builder will ensure your website complies with UK laws. Register assets, map data and prepare comms to the ICO in the event of a data breach.

Dashboards and reporting

  • Proactive threat detection

    Real-time security reports enable organisations to detect and address potential security threats before they escalate. Platform notifications and email nudges inform users of potential security weaknesses and how to fix them.

  • Multi-level reporting

    Interrogate security strength at an organisational, user, device and software level. Clear statuses ensure you’re in the know when there are flaws within training completion, policy acknowledgement, software and device setup.

  • The perfect views

    Filter, sort and configure your reports to best fit your business needs. Once you have the data the way you like, either export through our supported formats or take action on the data within the platform to deactivate, activate or edit users and devices.

  • Single pane of glass risk score

    Overall organisational risk score can at a glance provide a true view of company security health. Unify data from multiple different sources and present them in a single performance view.

  • Get a compliance paper trail

    Security reports serve as documentation for compliance audits. They showcase your commitment to cybersecurity best practices and demonstrate how defences have been improved over time.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Proactive notification of users in the event of non-compliant devices, missing policy acknowledgements and missed training.

    Multi-view reporting, providing executive summaries for the wider business and in-depth reporting for security fixes. Organisational, user, device and software drill-downs to ensure compliance at every level.

User permission, provisioning and access

  • Bulk deployment

    Onboard users individually or bulk enrol through Group Policy Objects (GPO), RMM or MDM tools. Deployment across your organisation is quick, seamless and hassle-free.

  • Enforce MFA

    Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure employee identities are verified and critical systems are kept safe from cyber criminals.

  • Multiple roles and permissions

    Our platform has multiple roles and permissions for you to maintain secure access control. By giving the right privileges, to the right roles, you’ll limit unauthorised access to sensitive data or restricted areas.

  • Feature flags

    Hide features until onboarding and training have been achieved. Control the look and feel of the platform by deciding which modules should be visible to users.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Multiple role and permission types ensure that employees have the correct permission for their function and role. Enforcing MFA protects your organisation from brute force attacks against passwords. Multiple deployment options and platform configurations give you the control to make it your own.


But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the industry has to say.

Security Vendor of the Year – SME

Computing Security Excellence Awards

Cyber Security Vendor of the Year

Technology Reseller Awards

Tech Growth Business of the Year

National Technology Award

CyberTech 100


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What our partners says

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“The work culture, knowledge, great experience and above all expertise especially within the auditing team is second to none”

CyberSmart are a fantastic partner to work with and this is underpinned by the great collaboration and success that has been achieved over the last 2.5 years. The work culture, knowledge, great experience and above all expertise especially within the auditing team is second to none, the assessors in this team such as Glen Patrick & Mark Shaw are critical to our success. This is the reason why our existing client base in this market is so strong and continues to grow.

Shilpa Moror

Cybersecurity BDM, The British Standards Institution, UK

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“We believe they’re totally customer focused, with a determination to succeed”

CyberSmart is innovative and ambitious, and we believe they’re totally customer focused, with a determination to succeed. All of this generates enthusiasm internally for us, and the partnership is something that we strive to continue to grow, in a way that all of us at E-ZU can really get behind. It’s also important to mention that the accessibility and availability of people throughout the organisation (from bottom to top) is fantastic, and we get the sense they really want to work with us.”

Sam Lockwood

Head of Marketing, E-ZU Solutions, UK

“We wanted a partner who would be able to provide that encompassing solution from a Cyber Security Perspective.”

Working with CyberSmart has been very positive. The way they engage in terms of feedback has been really useful to help develop both CyberSmart’s and our portfolio and feel comfortable that the solution set is moving in the right direction. Synergy with us as a business, growing and trying to do it in the right way is important and we wanted a partner who would be able to provide that encompassing solution from a Cyber Security Perspective.

Stuart Colley

Chief Operating Officer, MFM IT, UK

“Their service and support, both commercially and technically, are top-class.”

CyberSmart offer a unique portfolio of add-on products which enhanced the services I was able to offer to my clients. You could say I have grown with them, and I am now very much looking forward to new products and services they are developing which should enable me to add new clients and grow revenue. Their service and support, both commercially and technically, are top-class. I can be confident that if my clients raise problems or ask questions I can get a swift response for them from the CyberSmart team. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Peter Elliot

Senior Partner, Empiric Partners, UK

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Frequently asked questions

  • Privacy management describes the processes and actions required to protect your customers’ data and stay compliant with data privacy regulations.

  • Our platform covers every element of privacy management from ensuring you’re compliant with regulations to reporting on any issues and ensuring employees are on and off boarded safely.

  • MFA is an authentication method that requires you to provide two or more verification methods to sign into an application. It adds an extra, near impenetrable layer of security making your business much more difficult to attack.

  • Our platform gives you the ability to automatically enforce MFA use throughout your business or even your wider network (for MSPs).