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“The work culture, knowledge, great experience and above all expertise especially within the auditing team is second to none…”

CyberSmart are a fantastic partner to work with and this is underpinned by the great collaboration and success that has been achieved over the last 2.5 years. The work culture, knowledge, great experience and above all expertise especially within the auditing team is second to none, the assessors in this team such as Glen Patrick & Mark Shaw are critical to our success. This is the reason why our existing client base in this market is so strong and continues to grow.

British Standards Institute Logo

Shilpa Moror

Cybersecurity BDM, The British Standards Institution, UK

“We believe they’re totally customer focused, with a determination to succeed…”

CyberSmart is innovative and ambitious, and we believe they’re totally customer focused, with a determination to succeed. All of this generates enthusiasm internally for us, and the partnership is something that we strive to continue to grow, in a way that all of us at E-ZU can really get behind. It’s also important to mention that the accessibility and availability of people throughout the organisation (from bottom to top) is fantastic, and we get the sense they really want to work with us.

Sam Lockwood

Head of Marketing, E-ZU Solutions, UK

“We wanted a partner who would be able to provide that encompassing solution from a Cyber Security Perspective.”

Working with CyberSmart has been very positive. The way they engage in terms of feedback has been really useful to help develop both CyberSmart’s and our portfolio and feel comfortable that the solution set is moving in the right direction. Synergy with us as a business, growing and trying to do it in the right way is important and we wanted a partner who would be able to provide that encompassing solution from a Cyber Security Perspective.

Stuart Colley

Chief Operating Officer, MFM IT, UK

“Their service and support, both commercially and technically, are top-class…”

CyberSmart offer a unique portfolio of add-on products which enhanced the services I was able to offer to my clients. You could say I have grown with them, and I am now very much looking forward to new products and services they are developing which should enable me to add new clients and grow revenue. Their service and support, both commercially and technically, are top-class. I can be confident that if my clients raise problems or ask questions I can get a swift response for them from the CyberSmart team. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Peter Elliot

Senior Partner, Empiric Partners, UK

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Managed cybersecurity training and certification

  • Partner with the UK’s leading CE/CE+ provider

    CyberSmart delivers more Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications in the UK, than any other organisation. We have

    developed intuitive, digital workflows to make certification as easy and quick as possible. With CyberSmart, your customers will have

    unlimited attempts at no extra cost and can be certified in as little as 24 hours.

  • Deliver government-endorsed certification your way

    CertOS™ enables our partners to manage and deliver certifications quickly and painlessly. In-built reporting makes it easy to understand the certification status of all of your customers and what they need to do to progress.

  • Policies that maximise IT value and productivity

    Our native policy creation and distribution solution means you can manage each individual company’s policies in one place and implement bespoke processes for keeping each of them compliant.

  • Demonstrate your cyber expertise

    Our nationwide recognised badges will bolster your reputation and prove your cybersecurity credentials to your customers. Attract new business through third-party validation and demonstrate your cyber expertise.

  • Deliver cybersecurity awareness training your customers will love

    Educate customers about cyber attacks and ways to mitigate risk. Using factsheets, animations and quizzes, provide customers with insights and tips that are easy to understand and use. Reinforce the importance of awareness and prevention, through a

    monthly cadence of training content.

  • Trusted by thousands of UK SMEs

    CyberSmart is trusted to protect thousands of SMEs around the UK, with our small business cybersecurity solutions. Enhance your portfolio by delivering certification, training and policy management alongside your other services.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Partner with the UK’s largest Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus provider. Deliver certifications your way through our proprietory platform. Provide holistic cybersecurity to your customers, across training, policies and certification.

Managed cybersecurity scanning

  • Comprehensive device detection and visibility

    Create an inventory of your customer’s devices across desktop, mobile and tablets. Whether a user is working from the office, travelling or using their own personal device, catalogue and track an organisation’s assets.

  • Drill down into hardware and device optimisation

    Get a breakdown of device hardware fast. Review processors, memory, speed and more at the click of a button, without expensive Remote Monitoring tools (RMMs).

  • Review organisational, individual and device risk

    Multi-layered risk reporting provides you with the tools to identify and prioritise what your customer’s biggest

    security weaknesses are. Work with them to improve

    their cybersecurity posture and where necessary,

    pitch additional services to strengthen it.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Scan on-demand or every 15 minutes for a real-time

    view of your cyber estate. Analyse desktop, tablet and mobile through device-specific checks. Identify and fix device misconfigurations easily, with in-platform walkthroughs.

Managed cybersecurity insurance

  • Help safeguard your business from financial harm

    Cyber insurance with cover up to £100K, designed to help your business and customers following the likes of:

    • Media content liability
    • Cyber and privacy liability
    • Court attendance costs
    • Regulatory defence and penalties
    • Cyber business interruption loss
    • Data recovery costs
    • Criminal reward funds
    • Website recovery services
    • Breach response services

    Of course, we’d love to be able to cover everything but some exclusions do apply, like these examples: Cyber business interruption costs, Payment card liabilities and costs, Cyber extortion costs, Cybercrime, Worldwide jurisdiction (but can be included at an additional cost).

  • Help protect your reputation in the aftermath of an attack

    Our call centre aims to respond to your customer inquiries about a data breach, and help safeguard your brand, through reimbursement for your Public Relations (PR) expenses.

  • Help reinforce your services with website recovery, legal defence and regulatory penalty payments

    Our website recovery, legal defence or regulatory payment services aim to help you quickly resume business normality. Alternatively, we offer you the opportunity to include these services as standard in your bundle.

  • Access breach response services on behalf of your customers

    24/7 breach response services provide an added layer of defence against worsening attacks. Access forensic, legal and cybersecurity experts to augment your time and increase resource in the event of a successful attack.

  • Educate your customers on disaster planning and ransomware

    Leverage our risk planning and prevention frameworks to ensure business continuity plans are in place, in case of a data breach.Use our best practice ransomware reference guide, to educate your customer’s on the importance of strong cyber hygiene.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Leverage our risk planning and prevention. Protection from 99.8% of common cyber threats. £100K insurance coverage in the event of a successful attack. Extensive frameworks and guides to support you in educating your customers. Frameworks to ensure business continuity plans are in place, in case of a data breach. Use our best practice ransomware reference guide, to educate your customer’s on the importance of strong cyber hygiene.

Managed cybersecurity management

  • Manage all your customers in one place

    Onboard all your customers to one platform and manage all your cyber responsibilities, in one place. Get full visibility into individual

    company performance or get an overview of your entire customer base.

  • High scalability and configurability

    Enable different features, settings and configurations for individual accounts and create universal rules for everything else. Configure our platform to best suit each of your customer’s unique needs.

  • Bulk deployment via integrations

    Enrol users individually or bulk activate through Group Policy Objects (GPO), RMM or MDM tools. Deployment across your

    customers is fast, seamless and friction-free.

  • Cast iron access control

    Reduce the likelihood of human error and unauthorised access, with customisable roles and permissions. Set who gets access to and edit rights to areas of our platform. Create user groups to ensure that the right people are receiving the right information, at the right time.

  • Complete subscription control

    Own and manage your customer’s subscriptions to CyberSmart in one place. Increase, decrease and pause the number of licenses they need, in order to succeed.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Consolidate all your customer’s cybersecurity

    in one place. Multiple ways to deploy and configure the

    platform. Complete ownership over your customer’s


Managed cybersecurity support

  • Dedicated partner manager

    Draw on our years of expertise, supporting our partners to grow their services through CyberSmart. With dedicated support from our partner team, your success is all but guaranteed.

  • Exclusive offers and discounts

    Get early access to products, free licenses, gifts and higher margins when you partner with CyberSmart. Partner-only promotions and offers will accelerate your growth, at no expense.

  • Access to our Marketing Development Fund

    Get access to funds to grow your marketing strategy. Ramp up your campaigns and take them to the next level.

  • Campaign-ready marketing assets and resources in our Partner Hub

    Get everything you need to launch a successful campaign with CyberSmart. Launch out-of-the-box assets, without the need for large marketing teams or resources, and watch the opportunities roll in.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Dedicated partner account management and support.

    Early bird access to features, development funds and

    exclusive offers. Tried and tested, brand-able marketing campaigns

    ready to launch.


But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the industry has to say:

Security Vendor of the Year – SME

Computing Security Excellence Awards

Cyber Security Vendor of the Year

Technology Reseller Awards

Tech Growth Business of the Year

National Technology Award

CyberTech 100


Global List

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Frequently asked questions

  • Cybersecurity for managed IT providers is about much more than keeping your customers safe. MSPs have become a key target for cybercriminals so protecting your customers must start with your own cybersecurity. CyberSmart helps you do both, all while growing your business and reputation.

  • Cybersecurity for managed IT providers aims to protect your entire network, including your own business as well as your customers.

  • We’re the only UK provider to offer an all-in-one cybersecurity monitoring, optimisation, training and insurance platform with everything you need to protect your entire network. It’s why we’re already trusted by hundred of MSPs throughout the UK.

  • It’s simple, just head to Become a partner and fill out the form, or you can also Book a call with our team.

  • Access to the software, resources and support needed to make your business an indispensable cybersecurity partner to your customers.

  • If you are looking for the partner portal head to

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