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SME cybersecurity training and certification

  • Fast Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification

    Get certified in as little as 24 hours, with the UK’s leading Cyber Essentials Certification body. Enjoy unlimited attempts with no additional fees and unlimited support in completing your assessment. Use badges and your digital certificate to demonstrate your credentials and win more business.

  • All-in-one policy creation and management

    Enforce company policies and create new documentation with our intuitive builder. Set who sees and receives each policy, for strong access control. Engage staff and stay compliant, with easy policy acknowledgement and tracking.

  • Curated cybersecurity awareness training

    Handpicked cybersecurity training supports your teams in up skilling their cyber knowledge. Interactive, multimedia modules and quizzes are perfect for employees, whatever their learning style. Pre-set module finish dates combined with email notifications, ensure your employees complete training in a timely manner.

  • Prove your cybersecurity credentials

    Demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity through our nationally recognised certifications. Win more contracts, give your customers confidence and prove the security of your organisation through accredited digital badges.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    We are the UK’s leading certification body for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Save 10s of hours through digital, automated and intuitive certification. Deliver holistic cybersecurity training and policy management through an all-in-one platform.

SME cybersecurity scanning

  • Insights at your fingertips

    Utilise our research and white papers to stay ahead of the competition. Leverage our latest insights and trends to get in the know about the most pressing cybersecurity topics.

  • Analyse device configuration

    Enforce the correct set-up and maintenance of devices through our smart checks. Regularly report on device health and ensure that employees follow best practices for protecting their devices.

  • Get a view on your hardware inventory

    Get a breakdown of device hardware fast. Review processors, memory, speed and more at the click of a button, without expensive Remote Monitoring tools (RMMs).

  • Fast vulnerability and misconfiguration remediation

    In-platform walkthroughs will show you how to fix device misconfigurations, without external expertise. For software vulnerabilities, a summary of the status, vendor and vulnerability will be provided to you, to ensure the right patch is applied.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Scan on-demand or every 15 minutes for a real-time view of your cyber estate. Analyse desktop, tablet and mobile through device-specific checks. Identify and fix device misconfigurations easily, with in-platform walkthroughs.

SME cybersecurity insurance

  • Cyber insurance built for SMEs with a £100k limit

    In the event of a breach or successful attack, you could be covered up to £100k with our dedicated SME cyber insurance, designed to cover the costs of associated claims against your business, and help get you back on track quickly.

    We’d love to be able to cover everything but some exclusions, like the following, may apply: Cyber business interruption costs, Payment card liabilities and costs, Cyber extortion costs, Cybercrime, Worldwide jurisdiction (but can be included at an additional cost).

  • Website recovery, media liability and regulatory penalties cover

    Aims to help you resume business as normal, with successful claims covering the costs associated with website and data recovery, media liability and any penalties incurred due to a legal or regulatory violation.

  • Industry-leading breach response services for small businesses

    Access our network of legal, cyber and forensic investigators, who’ll support you in identifying, mitigating and removing the impact of a breach. Free up time to focus on business continuity whilst our dedicated call centres answer customer queries and concerns around a breach.

  • Small business plans for preventing attacks

    Use our battle-tested plans to reduce the likelihood of an attack. Capture risks before they’re exploited and put in place the right processes to keep your business protected, long-term.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Cover your breach and liability expenses up to £100K. In the event of a breach, get access to our 24-hour support hotline and leverage our expertise to recover your business. Pre-built plans and frameworks ensure business continuity in the event of an attack.

SME cybersecurity management

  • Easy privacy management toolkit

    Meet your GDPR and privacy requirements through customer data request workflows, online policy builder and dedicated policy templates. Capture and assess your companies data and privacy processes through extensive frameworks and trackers.

  • Manage vendors and third-party compliance

    Ensure your agreements with third parties are underpinned by GDPR compliance. Asses vendors through our checklist and ensure that both they and you are compliant with UK regulations.

  • Insightful dashboards and actionable reports

    Get visibility into your cyber estate and make the right decisions on your IT strategy. Surface insights about users, devices, training and policies and take action to bolster areas that are in need of improvement.

  • Secure access control

    Get complete control over who has access to what. Configure permissions to match a role’s requirements and restrict areas of the platform to those who need it.

  • Fast, friction-free deployment

    Bulk deploy or manually enrol individuals onto our platform. Ensure that program requirements have been met and the platform configured to your needs, before rolling out across the organisation.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Privacy management solutions created with SMEs in mind. Multi-level reporting with advanced sort and filter capabilities ensures you have the right data you need to succeed. Multiple deployment types enable a tailored and fast rollout of our platform.

SME cybersecurity support

  • Your own account manager

    Your personal cybersecurity expert will support you in deploying the best possible cyber setup. Leverage their expertise to grow your cyber strength and increase internal knowledge around cyber safe practices.

  • Support during your business hours

    Our UK-based support team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about getting the most out of our platform. With decades of experience between them, you’ll always get the right response, fast.

  • Access to our exclusive IT partner network

    Our handpicked network of over 800 partners is there to provide additional resources and expertise when you need it. All CyberSmart-approved partners have gone through a vigorous vetting process and will deliver first-class services for small businesses.

  • Simple, seamless onboarding

    Our onboarding comes with extensive walkthroughs, help articles and access to our onboarding team who are dedicated to supporting your successful launch. In-platform tooltips and easy user management will ensure your teams are up and running in no time.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Dedicated account management determined to help you succeed.

    Access to one of the largest SME focused cyber partner networks in the UK. Fully supported onboarding documentation and guidance.


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What our customers says

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“CyberSmart ensures we’re doing what we need to be to protect our customers”

Handy, unobtrusive software that keeps our team safe. Great customer service and a superb product. It’s critical for our business (HR software) that everyone on our team follows good security practices, and CyberSmart ensures we’re doing what we need to be to protect our customers. I really recommend this, if you deal with any sort of sensitive, personal, or customer data, give yourself peace of mind when it comes to the way your team conduct their business.



“Cost-effective protection, continuous threat monitoring”

Cost-effective protection, continuous threat monitoring, simplified government-standard certifications, no need for in-house experts or tools, quick issue resolution with device visibility.



“Cracking platform”

Cracking platform, team and support – thank you.



“I could see how good our cybersecurity was across the whole company”

After a few hours, I could see how good our cybersecurity was across the whole company, and that we were now ready to apply for our Cyber Essentials certificate and get our free insurance policy. I could now see the status of all our users based on real-time data at any time I wanted. What was particularly impressive about this, is that most of our employees were working remotely due to Covid-19.



Hot off the press, our latest cybersecurity reports and insights

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Frequently asked questions

  • SME cybersecurity is a set of solutions and best practices tailored specifically to small and medium sized businesses, who often lack the resources and in-house knowledge of large enterprises.

  • Small businesses are usually starting from a lower security baseline than enterprises and typically have access to more limited resources. Therefore, SME cybersecurity aims to help small businesses put in place the essentials needed to protect themselves, without breaking the bank or a need for existing cyber knowledge.

  • We’re the only UK provider to offer an all-in-one cybersecurity monitoring, optimisation, training and insurance platform, specifically designed to help SMEs stop attacks dead in their tracks and build complete cyber confidence. It’s why we’re already trusted by thousands of SMEs.

  • Sign up to one of our plans or, if you’re still unsure what’s best for your business, book a call and we’ll talk you through it.

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