24/7, 365-day compliance, assurance and threat detection software

The perfect trio to protect your people, processes and technology.

  • Scan across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

    Device-specific checks ensure your assets have the best configurations to keep them safe from common vectors of attack. Device drill down screens provide details about OS version, compliance with company policies and training, known vulnerabilities, installed software and hardware.

  • Scan every 15 minutes or on-demand

    Background scanning ensures you can do your work uninterrupted, whilst remaining safe from threat. Scans are every 15 minutes or on-demand, checking for software vulnerabilities, incorrect device configurations, policy agreements and training.

  • Step-by-step vulnerability remediation

    For failed checks, we provide simple step-by-step walkthroughs on how to fix them. So whether an IT beginner or veteran, you’ll have exactly what you need to keep your devices safe and compliant.

  • Risk reporting by user, software and device

    Visualise and analyse your entire cyber estate with dedicated reports across devices, vulnerabilities and users.

    Including: Device Vulnerability, Reporting, Operating System End-of-Life Reporting, Software Vulnerability Reporting, IT Policy Acknowledgement Reporting, Overall Organisational Health Reporting.

5,000+ businesses around the world trust CyberSmart to deliver

Complete Cyber Confidence

  • Smart score

    Our single-pane-of-glass view of risk is perfect for understanding your organisation’s cybersecurity posture, at a glance. Smart Score will also recommend what you need to do next to secure your business and keep your critical systems safe.

  • Policy creation and management

    Embedded policy management, is the fastest way to meet your compliance goals and inform your employees of the right protocols and processes. We provide pre-built templates, a digital policy builder, read receipts and the ability to send policies to specific groups, to ensure that the right information, gets into the right hands.

  • Policy reporting and version history

    Manage and amend policies at the click of a button. Digital paper trails ensure that previous versions are retained, supporting you in tracking changes, auditing or reverting back to an earlier iteration. Dedicated reporting across users and devices gives you a complete view of policy compliance and where it can be improved.

  • Interactive, multimedia training modules

    Equip your teams with bite-sized security awareness training and build the human firewall. Our 18 modules come complete with videos, factsheets and quizzes, to up-skill your teams in cyber. Whether you’re a cyber beginner or more advanced, our tailored training will help you in developing cyber secure behaviours.

  • Training management and reporting

    Set due dates for training, enable reminders and track the level of cyber training across your business. Bespoke reports come complete with details around the number of completions, pass rates and the most effective modules for your workforce.

What our customers say

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“After a few hours, I could see how good our cybersecurity was across the whole company…”

…and that we were now ready to apply for our Cyber Essentials certificate and get our free insurance policy. I could now see the status of all our users based on real-time data at any time I wanted. What was particularly impressive about this, is that most of our employees were working remotely due to Covid-19.

Neil S

Chief Technology Officer, MFM IT

“…CyberSmart ensures we’re doing what we need to be to protect our customers.”

Handy, unobtrusive software that keeps our team safe. Great customer service and a superb product. It’s critical for our business (HR software) that everyone on our team follows good security practices, and CyberSmart ensures we’re doing what we need to be to protect our customers.



“Cost-effective protection, continuous threat monitoring, simplified government-standard certifications…”

…no need for in-house experts or tools, quick issue resolution with device visibility



“Cracking platform…”

Cracking platform, team and support – thank you.




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Further strengthen your security with

Cyber Essentials

Upgrade your subscription with Cyber Essentials and get protection from 99.50% of common attacks.

Self-certification is quick and easy, plus you’ll get access to unlimited support and attempts at passing Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Upgrade your subscription with Cyber Essentials Plus and enjoy the added assurance of external validation for your security configuration.

An accredited auditor will take you through the certification controls and simulate attacks in real-time to test your defences and advise on how to fill any gaps.

Ransomware & Recovery Toolbox

Upgrade your subscription with our Ransomware and Recovery Toolbox, proven to defend your business against the unexpected.

Combined with our free £100k cyber insurance, they guarantee you’ll have the right things in place, should the worst happen.

Privacy Toolbox

Upgrade your subscription with our Privacy Toolbox and meet your GDPR requirements. Manage Subject Access Requests in our intuitive workflow, enforce GDPR policies and ensure your business is protected from non-compliance.

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Frequently asked questions

  • CyberSmart Active Protect is a powerful on-device agent designed to deliver comprehensive endpoint monitoring, risk management, policy enforcement, and cybersecurity awareness training. With a strong emphasis on security and compliance, it prioritises the protection of your organisation’s sensitive data and ensures you’re meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Active Protect works by running an unobtrusive agent in the background of devices, checking configurations, training modules passed and policies acknowledged. For desktop, the app can be downloaded via email once an administrator has sent out the enrollment link or for mobile, this can be done through the relevant app store. Once a device has been scanned, passes and failures can be reported back to the user and employees responsible for cybersecurity will be able to view this information through several dashboards.

  • No personal or private data is gathered from users, instead, only details about device software, completed training modules, policies completed and hardware are gathered. CyberSmart’s data centres are also UK and EU-based, so your data is not transmitted abroad, and all data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • Yes, device and software data is represented in multiple graphs and insights throughout the CyberSmart platform.

  • Active Protect is powered by a small, unobtrusive agent that gathers device data. The agent has been optimised to reduce CPU usage, via our API, and users should not notice any discernible device slowdown when checks are running.

  • CyberSmart checks for vulnerabilities against the US Government’s vulnerability database; one of the most comprehensive databases in the world for software vulnerabilities as well as against 70 Antivirus Databases.

  • Due to limitations imposed by Apple, Active Protect cannot scan iOS devices for vulnerabilities. For Android, software vulnerabilities are scanned and users are notified of any apps deemsd to be suspicious or malicious.

  • Active Protect is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects organisations from cyber threats through compliance, policy management, training and device scanning. The role of an RMM is to give IT teams and managed IT providers remote access to devices to make changes, monitor performance and run tests. Although Active Protect monitors devices for misconfigurations and identifies new software vulnerabilities, organisations will still need an RMM to wipe, lock or make changes to devices remotely.