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Simple, affordable cybersecurity for SMEs

Protect your people, devices and data without expensive software, experts or an in-house team.

Trusted by over 4000 small businesses and partnered with world-leading organisations



Round-the-clock protection from the most common cyber threats.


Achieve government-standard cybersecurity certifications quickly and easily.


Secure your business without an in-house team or expensive tools and experts.


Fix any security issues in minutes with full visibility of every device in your business.

The simplest way to protect your business


We all know cybersecurity is important. But when you’re a small business with limited resources, it can be tricky to know where to start. Most off-the-peg options are expensive, complex and built with big businesses in mind.

But there is another way. CyberSmart.


Ensure your business is protected, however you work. Our software checks every device that touches your company data 24/7, identifies any problems and recommends simple, easy-to-understand fixes.


From cybersecurity certifications and insurance to staff training and policy management. We provide everything you need to guarantee your business is working safely, all in one place.

CyberSmart is the easiest way to protect your business & those of your clients.

We’re serving a new standard in cybersecurity. Join us.