Cybersecurity Training and Certification

Build the human firewall

Educate your people to spot and address cyber threats.

Cyber threats are becoming ever more common and sophisticated. So it’s critical organisations bolster their defences with training, policy management and certification.


85% of data breaches involve human error. And, the annual cost of cybercrime to small businesses is in the trillions.

How we solve it

  • Our cyber awareness training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to recognise and defend against common cyber threats, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to attacks.
  • Our IT policy management safeguards businesses’ data, reputation, and financial stability through standardised protocols and ways of working.
  • Our Cyber Essentials certification ensures strong baseline cybersecurity and identifies any gaps within your cyber perimeter.

Cybersecurity awareness training

  • Defend against phishing

    Our training for employees to recognise phishing emails and malicious links will prevent cybercriminals from gaining unauthorised access to your systems.

  • Enhance data security

    Enjoy the added assurance of external validation for your security by an accredited auditor.

  • Reduce social engineering

    Our training to help employees recognise phishing emails and malicious links will prevent cybercriminals from gaining unauthorised access to your systems.

  • Business As Usual (BAU) compliance

    Teach your people data protection regulations and best practices through multimedia training, reducing the risk of regulatory penalties due to non-compliance.

  • Accelerated incident response

    Our training helps employees respond effectively in the event of a security incident, minimising potential damage and supporting the normal running of a business post-breach.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    A comprehensive cybersecurity training program that is regularly updated to address evolving threats. The ability to make training mandatory for all employees, with refresher courses at regular intervals. Track and report on the efficacy of the training program, with additional features for notifying employees who haven’t completed it. Multiple training methods, including video, factsheets and quizzes, to engage employees effectively in the benefits of good cyber hygiene.

IT Policies

  • Strong password policies

    Enforce strong password requirements and mandate regular password changes. This will stop malicious actors from guessing or brute forcing their way into your systems.

  • Enforced access control policies

    Limit access to sensitive information based on job function, preventing confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.

  • Safe data encryption policies

    Require sensitive data to be encrypted whether at rest or in transit and secure your processes against leaks and potential reputational harm.

  • Remote and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policies

    Establish security standards for personal devices used for work and maintain high standards of protection, wherever your employees are in the world.

  • Rapid incident response policies

    Define procedures for handling security incidents and data breaches to prepare your business in advance of an attack.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Pre-built policies and digital policy builder for rapid creation and communication. Regularly update policies to stay current with cybersecurity best practices and compliance requirements, whilst retaining previous versions for auditing purposes. Read and acknowledge receipts to capture employee agreement with policies and to ensure they’re being followed correctly. Share policies with specific individuals or user groups to protect sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification

  • Robust cyber hygiene

    Cyber Essentials certification ensures that an organisation has implemented essential cybersecurity measures, creating a strong baseline to compare future improvements to.

  • Reduced cybersecurity risk

    Compliance with Cyber Essentials principles and checks significantly reduces the risk of common cyber threats and instils a culture of cyber secure practices.

  • External audit of systems and controls

    Validation of systems and processes against established best practices and checks will give your business confidence in its IT structure and ability to manage cyber attacks.

  • Get a competitive advantage

    Certification will enhance an organisation’s reputation, demonstrate its commitment to security, and increase its appeal to customers and partners.

  • Win more business

    Open up new opportunities in the public sector and meet your contractual obligations through certification. Prove to new and existing customers, your commitment to security and handling their data safely.

  • The CyberSmart Difference

    Certification in as little as 24 hours with unlimited attempts at no extra cost. Assess your organisation’s current cybersecurity posture against our digital Cyber Essentials framework. Identify and address any gaps in your cybersecurity measures. Apply for Cyber Essentials certification through the UK’s leading certification body. Maintain and continually improve your cybersecurity measures year-round when combined with Active Protect


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National Technology Award

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Complete cybersecurity solutions for SMEs. Protect your critical data, train your employees in cyber-secure behaviours, ensure policy compliance and meet your security goals confidently with CyberSmart.

Frequently asked questions

  • 80% of data breaches begin with human error and cybersecurity training is the best way to counter this. Even basic training can give your people the skills needed to identify and avoid cyber threats.

  • Each of our modules contains a short, interactive video on a cybersecurity topic followed a quiz to test staff’s knowledge.

  • Not at all. We believe that ‘little and often’ is the best approach to cybersecurity training. So each of our modules is designed to be completed in less time than the average lunch break.