CyLon is the World’s leading Cyber security accelerator.

Founded by leading security, investment and policy experts, CyLon offers entrepreneurs the platform they need to build and grow a successful cyber security company. 

It is also Europe’s first cyber security accelerator. Previously, CyLon has supported startups in the following spaces: Security (Data, Network, Device), Identity, Privacy, AML/KYC Trust, Blockchain, Compliance, Data Protection/GDPR, Cyber Insurance, Risk, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Security.

Twice a year, CyLon run a 13-week programme designed to help teams achieve product-market fit in a uniquely technical and demanding industry.

This year, CyberSmart were accepted onto the programme. Its been one hell of a ride so far!

The programme

The curriculum has included everything you would expect to find from business fundamentals and mentoring from industry-leading experts, to CISO discussions and investor introductions.

It also covers both the challenges and opportunities encountered by early-stage cyber security companies, helping teams to achieve product-market fit in a uniquely technical and demanding industry.

The course offers an incredibly unique space, full of like-minded people. Bringing early stage businesses together to share each other’s experiences whilst delving deeper into how start ups evolve and reach the next level has been invaluable to CyberSmart as we continue on our journey.

From sitting in on workshops delivered by successful business investors, to hearing how a business founder executes the sales strategy and even learning how to make your pitch deliver greater impact, CyLon has provided our team with the perfect environment for both personal development and also to think smarter about the direction and strategy of CyberSmart moving forward. 


It has also been a fantastic opportunity to expand our networks, having access to a wide array of interesting people.

As the leading hub of cyber innovation in Europe, CyLon prides itself in offering key connections for participating startups. During the programme, leading figures from industry and government are invited in to speak to us. Potential partners and clients are also introduced.

Hearing the stories of business founders and the successes and failures they had on their own journeys has served as inspiration and motivation to work harder and smarter,

Ultimately, it has provided the stepping stone necessary to make that next big leap.

Office Space

During the course of the programme, we have been based at CyLon’s incredible London office in Hammersmith, kindly provided by Winton. This space offers everything you would ever dream of having at the workplace, from valuable collaboration opportunities to incredible lunches (and unlimited free coffee!) 


What we’ve learnt

From a personal standpoint, being surrounded by people who are passionate about innovation, technology and startups has been an incredibly valuable learning experience and undoubtedly has changed my outlook on the ever changing landscape of cyber security and technology.

Its also made me realise the incredible opportunities that lie ahead in cyber security and confirmed for me just what an exciting space it is to be involved in. It really is the future.

As a team, we’ve had the opportunity to learn vital business development strategies in sales, marketing, PR, fundraising. I’ve got to see how the CyberSmart team implement these newly gathered skills and advice into our business roadmap and company vision.

With Christmas fast approaching and only a couple of weeks left before the programme comes to a close, rest assured, the team are going to make sure we absorb every last ounce of wisdom and knowledge we can, whilst making the most of our time left with CyLon.

We would like to thank the CyLon Team and our fellow founders for the helping CyberSmart grow and evolve. 🙂