Redefining cybersecurity and compliance

Our Vision

A world where millions of small to medium-sized businesses trust CyberSmart to help them combat the constant threat of cyber-attacks and increasing regulation in an ever-evolving technological landscape and increasingly connected digital operating space.

CyberSmart will be the automated compliance and assurance team for businesses. An agile platform, CyberSmart just gets the job done, allowing businesses to concentrate on growing.

Who we are

Born out of a GCHQ accelerator in 2017, CyberSmart was created by a group of forward-thinking security experts, who noticed that many companies needed to secure themselves and achieve information security standards, but ultimately found the process too complicated or were limited by financial or human resources.

The team believes that every organisation should be able to easily comply with recognised standards and protect their data and infrastructure. Through making security accessible, they have achieved tremendous growth and protect tens of thousands of users.


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