About Us

Why CyberSmart?

We’re on a mission to protect and empower SMEs.

Before building CyberSmart, our team ran a cybersecurity practice based in London. As consultants, we noticed that a lot of companies needed to secure themselves and achieve information security standards, but ultimately found the process too complicated or were limited by financial or human resources.

We believe that every organisation should be able to comply with recognised standards and protect their data and infrastructure. We build technology to make security and compliance accessible.


Meet The Team

We all share a passion for data protection, are changing the face of security and compliance and have over 30 years industry experience.

Jamie Akhtar

Co-founder, CEO & Ethical Hacker

Mariella Thanner

Co-founder & Yogi

Paul Sideras

Product Manager & Jiu-Jitsuer

Thomas Seidling

Partner Advocate & Ex-Olympian

Michael Wheeler

Full Stack Dev & Ethical Hacker

Yaroslav Chudo

Backend Dev & Explorer

Dennis Palmer

Head of Operations & Cyclist

Alexandru Armean

Project Manager & Machine Learning Enthusiast

Saurabh Vij

Head of QA & Speed Cyclist

Ahmed Ezzeldin

Backend Dev & Bibliophile

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