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For any business, enhancing your cybersecurity and ensuring the safety of the business is a high priority. This is one of the reasons why so many companies opt into Cyber Essentials certification. This certification provides a framework to keep their business safe based on basic but specific regulations, rules and requirements established by governing bodies. 

If your business is already certified through IASME for GDPR or Cyber Essentials, there are still many benefits to putting your security to the test with Cyber Essentials Plus. Cyber Essentials Plus requires an independent assessment (not just self-reported), to verify that you do indeed have security controls in place. 

Here are just a few of the types of business that may benefit from that additional layer of security:

Public-facing businesses

Any business that involves interactions directly with the public, whether through customer support, providing services and more, should ensure their security is the highest possible priority. If your business stores the information or data relating to the general public – whether it’s contact details or financial information – it’s part of your duty of care to ensure that information is kept as safe as possible. Investing in Cyber Essentials Plus will demonstrate to your customers that you take security- and their personal data- seriously. 

Businesses that communicate directly with customers

If you communicate directly with customers it probably means you hold a lot of their personal data- phone numbers, names, addresses, and emails. It’s also important to note that you are more vulnerable to attack or harm from external sources. For example, businesses using an insecure email system that receive emails from the public may be putting themselves at higher risk compared to businesses that are inaccessible to the broader public. Having Cyber Essentials Plus ensures controls are working to prevent breaches before they happen.

Businesses working with government contracts or other high-security businesses

For companies hoping to contract for government or high-security public businesses, having regulated protections in place is essential and often required for the tendering process. Likewise, in areas where security is already a high priority such as healthcare or banking, Cyber Essentials Plus goes some way towards proving your commitment to exceptional cyber security for your business and the businesses you work with. 

Not only can this help you win contracts, but it will ensure you’re compliant with requirements in the long-term, rather than rushing to certify quickly and without proper preparation.

Show customers you care

Is there any business that doesn’t benefit from Cyber Essentials Plus? Realistically, going that extra mile to have an independent body assess your security will always reflect better on your commitment to cyber security than the self-assessed Cyber Essentials- something that’s becoming more important to customers and partners in 2020.

To find out more about why Cyber Essentials Plus certification and CyberSmart Active Protect might be the best fit for your business, get in touch.