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The benefits of re-occurring revenue and added client value

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The easiest way to value add cyber security solutions to your existing services.

CyberSmart partners with qualified MSP’s and resellers, offering them an easy way to help secure their clients, gain visibility and have more time for things that matter to them and their clients.

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Become an MSSP and offer compliance as a service to your clients
Compliance might not be sexy, but it is the way forward. Government standards define a clear goal that clients can work towards and measure your efforts against.

We have developed technology that allows you to offer UK’s fastest growing information security standards, such as Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and GDPR to all of your clients as an ongoing service.

If you would like to enhance your product offering and learn more about how CyberSmart can help your MSP grow, get in contact today.

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Compliance As a Service

Traditionally, IT compliance has involved mountains of paper, excruciatingly long meeting and confusing rules and regulations.

However, your customers require compliance – from ensuring their systems are up to standard to dealing with the requirements of the new data protection legislation. Why not be the one to serve them?

By using our technology you can offer compliance as a seamless, on-going and intelligent service. You can provide your clients with on-going value on a reoccurring revenue basis, helping them with implementing and maintaining security standards.

To see for yourself the value of IT compliance as a service, get in touch today.

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Compliance in a Box

How can you offer sophisticated compliance services with minimal knowledge or training?

We understand that one of the biggest challenges of MSPs is to provide great service while ensuring commercial interests are still aligned.

Which is why we;

  • Provide your team with training, an extensive Q&A and our world-class live support directly within the platform
  • Offer self-serve instant client setup with a cloud hosted platform and streamlined app deployment
  • Support the technology you do and ensure compatibility with your RMM
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We work with innovative MSP's, resellers and consultants

Some of our trusted partners include the UK's leading IT firms

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