Introducing the new Cyber Essential Standard

Easier, better and more cloud-friendly

Almost three years after its inception, the UK Government has released the first update to the Cyber Essentials Scheme. The new standard aims to increase the adoption rate amongst businesses by making the guidelines more relevant and easier to understand.

IASME Consortium was the first to release a new question set based on the revised guidelines aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

So what’s new?
Many organisations found the original revision of Cyber Essentials long, complex and confusing. The question set has been reduced and clarification added on implementation.
Of course, organisations still need to understand the technical measures and compliance terminology to implement the controls and fill in the questionnaire.
Technology is evolving rapidly and it is extremely challenging to keep up with recent developments. Thus the new standard includes revisions on controls around mobile devices, password policies and encourages multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

We believe anything that makes it easier to it to achieve cyber security best practice is a good thing. This is a welcome revision and we are very excited as this provides us with the opportunity to help secure more SMBs.

Protecting your data and organisation is hard work — let us help you make it easier.