Case Study: Livesmart

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CyberSmart and Livesmart case study

Why is data protection important to LiveSmart?

LiveSmart aims to create a better world through health analysis and behaviour change. With great power comes great responsibility and we put our clients at the centre of everything we do – including protecting them and their data. We collect both personally identifiable data and sensitive data which means our security needs to be well thought out and very tight to protect our users.

Your Experience

What did you do about compliance before?

For the first two years, compliance was pretty relaxed. The main reason we began addressing our compliance was due to a significant client who required certain things to be in place. Additionally, with GDPR coming into play in May this year it highlighted the importance of data security and compliance. It was very much a hard and fast lesson – building the parachute while you are falling off the cliff so to speak – but it was a lesson well learnt and now that we have everything coming into place the team have a good structure to work within.

Why did you choose to use CyberSmart?

We were referred to CyberSmart by a fellow startup and after our CTO spoke with them, we felt like it would be a simple way to implement the compliance we needed to. Plus – CyberSmart… LiveSmart, seemed meant to be?!

Did it deliver on what you were hoping for?

CyberSmart has been better than we hoped. The team are incredibly friendly and helpful, they simplify some very complex issues into manageable components and make compliance much less scary than it is, while not removing the importance behind it.

Your Advice

What one tip would you give to other MedTech startups in terms of compliance?

You need to feel very certain about what is going on with your data very quickly.

Get crystal clear on what processes exist, where the data flows and who you use to process your data. Without this knowledge, you are at risk of data breaches, data loss and coming under scrutiny from your all-important customers.