Starling Marketplace welcomes CyberSmart

We are very happy to announce that CyberSmart Active Protect is now available in Starling’s Business Marketplace, launching in the brand new category of Security.

Starling’s approach to business banking hasn’t gone unnoticed and is experiencing exponential growth, already with 65’000 customers and a target of 450’000 by 2023, as well as winning “Best Business Banking Provider” at the British Bank Awards 2019. The challenger bank is on a mission to make business banking accessible, with a simple, seamless experience for SMEs, very much like CyberSmart’s approach to cybersecurity and compliance.

CyberSmart and  Starling share the compelling vision to transform their industries, making accessibility, trust and agility a core part of their offerings. Today marks another step towards that journey by bringing financial health and business health into a single view within the Starling app.

The inclusion of CyberSmart Active Protect in the business marketplace, allows Starling’s business customers to take their cybersecurity and compliance to the next level, with a seamless registration process, straight from the Starling app. CyberSmart Active Protect makes it possible for Starling’s business customers to more easily achieve cybersecurity in line with government cybersecurity standards such as Cyber Essentials, protect and ensure compliance across all their company’s devices 24/7 and mitigate 99.3% of cyber threats.

“We’re very excited to be bringing CyberSmart Active Protect to the Starling business marketplace. From the beginning of CyberSmart, our focus has been on protecting and empowering SMEs. They are often left behind when it comes to cybersecurity and compliance, due to the complexity and high fees. We think everyone deserves to protect their data and reputation. CyberSmart will allow Starling business customers to secure their business, get government certifications and achieve continuous compliance, affordably and with minimum effort. The synergy between Starling’s and CyberSmart approach to empower SMEs makes our companies working together, a very exciting and beneficial partnership.” – Jamie Akhtar, CEO, CyberSmart

Starling business customers can now add CyberSmart Active Protect directly from the Starling Marketplace, should you have any questions, our team is here to help, just click on our live chat or contact us.