October is European Cybersecurity Month

cybersecurity month

As our dependence on online resources and internet-enabled devices grows, cybersecurity has never been more important. In the past, cybersecurity was focused on threats. Say, someone accessing your bank account and stealing money. But that’s changing fast as we become more aware of threats to our data. And it’s these challenges that are the theme of this edition of European Cybersecurity Month. 

European Cybersecurity Month 

European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM) is an annual event held every October. The aim of ECSM is to promote cybersecurity and improve society’s awareness of threats. To do this, ECSM provides education and resources throughout the month to help individuals and companies to improve their cybersecurity. As part of ECSM, over 370 events are being held across 34 countries. Similar events are held in other parts of the world too. For instance, America has National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Canada has Cyber Security Awareness Month. 

ECSM themes 

The theme of this year’s ECSM is the same as previous years: “Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility”. To put it more simply,  cybersecurity requires input from governments, businesses, and individuals. Businesses need to create products with built-in privacy and security measures. Individuals need to secure their data. And governments need to continually update and pass new legislation – take the EU’s GDPR for example. 


ECSM is split into two sub-themes. The first, ‘Cyber Hygiene’, is very close to our heart and focuses on developing daily routines for cybersecurity. Think of it like brushing your teeth or hitting the gym before work. 

The second is ‘Emerging `Technology’. This tackles how new technology can pose cybersecurity challenges. The aim is to educate individuals and businesses on the issue and, ultimately, suggest some ways to overcome it.

Should you get cybersecurity certification? 

All this talk about cybersecurity challenges has probably got you thinking. What about your own organisation? What can you do to improve cybersecurity, today? Well, a great place to start is Cyber Essentials certification. It’s a UK government scheme that covers all the essentials of cyber hygiene and provides a great base to work from.

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