CyberSmart speak at StartupGrind in Georgia

CyberSmart took part in this year’s StartupGrind Eurasia Connect event, hosted in Tbilisi, Georgia. The event, part of StartupGrind,  the largest independent startup community, was aimed at bringing together world-class startups, founders and investors to look at exploring the frontier markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

It was great to be invited to the event and have the opportunity to take onto the main stage to discuss CyberSmart but also to inspire the adoption of essential cybersecurity measures to secure Georgia, a country at the epicentre of trade, culture and geopolitical interest, dating all the way back to the Silk Road days. 

Aiming to inspire

At CyberSmart we continue to grow the capabilities of our technology, not only to secure businesses and their supply chains but now with the added potential to support an entire nation with the design, deployment and enforcement of information security capabilities. During the event, CyberSmart presented certOS™, our certification operating system, creating the capability for nations to design, deliver and enforce information security standards.

Our main stage session and indeed all the networking opportunities were filled with information and education surrounding how cyber threats are all around us but there are solutions to thwart them, starting from the basics of cybersecurity for consumers and businesses. 

‘We are very grateful to StartupGrind, GITA, DIT and the British embassy for providing us with the opportunity to help to make the world a safer place.’ said Thomas S. Head of partnerships at CyberSmart.

Thank you 

StartupGrind did a great job of hosting one of the largest startup events in the world. The team approached this challenge with exemplary professionalism and unparalleled hospitality. For CyberSmart this event was key to demonstrate its capability to support governments on their missions to secure their nations against global cyber threats, connect to international investors and to ultimately give back to the wider ecosystem. 

Thank you to StartupGrind, DIT and government stakeholders from both Georgia and the UK.