What the Internet of Things means for cybersecurity

IoT Security

The Internet of Things is a revolution that has been well underway for some time. As devices and basic home necessities become connected to the internet, people’s lives are becoming more interlinked and easier. However, whilst progress is being made in all sorts of devices becoming connected, it provides a significant emerging data security threat.

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a global movement, based around allowing usually mundane objects to connect to the internet. This means that items such as fridges, televisions and watches have started to transmit and record your personal data. The expansion of IoT doesn’t seem to be a trend that’s going away. By 2022, it’s expected that 18 billion IoT devices will be in use, so the security of all this data is paramount.

Much more data is collected on people

When almost every device in your house is collecting data on your actions, you’re almost certain to produce much more information. If each and every decision you make is recorded by global corporations, what they know about you expands and people can get a complete idea of who you are as a person. When your fridge knows what you like to eat, your social media knows exactly who or what you like, and your car knows your favourite places, it’s easy to fill in the gaps. Whilst regulations such as GDPR ensure that companies remain compliant and don’t release this data to other companies, it can still get out through less legitimate means.

Devices can never be perfectly secure

Whilst the internet of things has allowed more devices to become interconnected, this means that a vulnerability in any of these devices could lead to issues for data security. For example, consider a case in which you have several devices connected to a single account and the account becomes compromised. All of the data, from what is in your fridge, to your physical data from a smartwatch, to your chat logs from your phone, could fall into the wrong hands. This would leave everything about your life in the hands of a complete stranger.

How can CyberSmart help?

CyberSmart is a certified cyber essentials company, with years of experience working with data security. CyberSmart’s expert team can help your company to work towards Cyber Essentials Plus certification, to make sure that your company is ready for all of the pitfalls that could potentially arise with the Internet of Things. Get in touch through our website, or call us on 020 7993 6990 for a quote.