Why your fridge could be a cyber security threat

CyberSmart Mum

It might seem absurd, but today, everyday objects like fridges, doorbells, light switches, thermostats, and even children’s toys can pose a cybersecurity risk. This is because nowadays, it’s not only computers and smartphones that are connected to the Internet. Instead, even the most mundane household objects are likely to have some sort of smart capability, leaving them vulnerable to data loss or cyber-attacks.

This huge range of connected devices is referred to as the Internet of Things or “IoT”. Although this network facilitates many exciting and useful things, it also creates numerous new access routes for cyber attackers. Therefore, it is essential that businesses of every scale have the proper cybersecurity precautions in place – or risk compromising company and customer data. Here, we discuss the growing risk and what you can do to prevent a cyber attack.

Why the IoT presents a growing risk

In a recent report, cyber security researchers shared some alarming statistics about cyber attacks on IoT devices. According to research, attacks are up 300% in 2019, with a staggering 2.9 billion recorded events. A common strategy by cyber attackers is honeypots, where decoy servers disguise themselves as operational hardware. Often, IoT devices are left vulnerable due to ageing firmware or irregular data security updates.

What you can do to prevent attacks

These statistics are worrying, especially for small and medium businesses. As consumers become increasingly concerned about data privacy, cybersecurity becomes a matter of reputation as much as anything else. For instance, a recent report from the Internet Society identified ‘the trust opportunity’. Essentially, companies should leverage an excellent cybersecurity record to differentiate themselves from the competition.

However, many SMEs worry that they can’t afford sophisticated IoT cybersecurity measures. Thankfully, this isn’t the case – certification standards like Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus from IASME ensure that businesses are compliant, even with their IoT devices. 

Good cybersecurity is good business

With threats from the IoT network growing every day, it is essential that businesses of all sizes have a proper cyber security strategy. At Cyber Smart, we can help you implement GDPR and cyber protection programmes to ensure your business’s defences are up to scratch. Customers buy from businesses they trust. With proper cybersecurity certification, you can make sure you’re their first choice.