New webinar: Staying cyber secure as the UK reopens

We’ve all read the headlines about ‘unprecedented times’ and how ‘things will never be the same again’ post-COVID-19. Some of the commentary on our post-pandemic world might seem a little overblown. However, for cybersecurity at least, a lot of it rings true.

As the UK begins to reopen and offices welcome staff back, businesses have emerged from the crisis into a hybrid world. The mix of remote and office working adopted by many organisations brings with it opportunity. But it also brings new security risks too
(more on that here).

A recent report from VMWare reveals that 91% of organisations have seen an increase in cyber attacks as a result home working. In this environment, online protection has become more important than ever before. But how can businesses, particularly SMEs without large security budgets, become more cyber secure?

Join CyberSmart CEO and cybersecurity supremo, Jamie Akhtar and Guy Waller, Partnerships Manager at Starling Bank as they tackle the following questions in a short webinar.

  • What are the new and existing cyber-threats for businesses?
  • As businesses reopen, and staff are working both from home and the office, what new challenges does this pose?
  • What are the best ways businesses can protect themselves and stay one step ahead?

To learn more, watch the full webinar, for free, here or below.

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