New guide: Cyber Safety in a New Era of Work

Remote working

If you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably spent most of 2020 in a convoluted game of musical workspaces. January to March in the office. March to August at home. Back in the office for September and October. Then back home again for November.

Fortunately, it looks like the end is in sight. Several pharmaceutical companies are on the verge of creating an effective COVID-19 vaccine. However, even with the discovery of a vaccine, it’s unlikely our working environments will ever return completely to their pre-pandemic state. 

Many businesses, as well as their employees, have noted the benefits remote working can bring. And this is leading to an increasing number considering making the switch for good. However, if your business is thinking about adopting remote working full-time, or even just cutting the hours you spend in the office, there are a few things you need to know.

To help, our team of cybersecurity and compliance experts has created a new guide, Cyber Safety in a New Era of Work. In it, we tackle a few of the questions on everybody’s minds and show you how to make the transition to remote working safely. 

What’s in the guide? 

Our guide is broken down into three parts. First, we look at how we got here and what’s driving changes in the way we work, including the benefits of remote working. Then we look at the cybersecurity risks working from home presents for a small business.

Finally, we look at ways to overcome the challenges remote working brings. No CyberSmart guide would be complete without some simple steps small businesses can take to protect themselves. 

Download our new guide here or follow the link below.

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