Steppin’ to Christmas with CyberSmart

Step challenge

With lockdown measures in place all over the world, getting outside has become trickier than ever. And many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are as short on motivation to brave the cold as the days are of sunlight.  

At CyberSmart, our most important asset is our people. Staff who feel more like cooped up chickens than humans are unlikely to produce the creativity, drive and energy we’re known for as a business. So we’ve decided to do something about it. 

Introducing the annual CyberSmart step challenge 

To curtail COVID-related cabin fever and prevent pre-Christmas blues, we’ve tasked everyone at CyberSmart with entering our annual step challenge. From the East End to Egypt, through sunny Spain and not-so-sunny Scotland, CyberSmarters all over the world will be spending the next few weeks laying down the mileage. 

The rules couldn’t be simpler. All we ask is that CyberSmarters of every hue walk as much or as little they like and log their daily steps between 16th November and 12th December. And because we’re a competitive bunch, we’ve organised everyone into teams with prizes for greatest total distance covered, best photo, and funniest team name. 

The contenders 

In a business jam-packed with runners, cyclists forced from their steeds, and even some folk who regularly hike hills for fun, competition is fierce. Here are our eight indomitable competitors: 

  1. Here Come the Hotsteppers
  2. Team Lazeeee
  3. Hyperfocused CyberSteppas
  4. The Sky Walkers
  5. Doing the C Walk
  6. Steppin to Christmas
  7. The Walking Dead
  8. Going…Going…Scone

After week one of the challenge, the Sky Walkers have surged into an early lead. But can they hold it? And who’s leading the charge when it comes to best name? 

Stay tuned to find out.

In the meantime, check out a few of the best photos so far below.

Step challenge
Step challenge
Step challenge
Step challenge