New white paper: Cyber Insurance Trends 2023

Cyber insurance trends 2023

39% of UK SMEs reported a cyberattack in 2022 and this figure continues to rise year-on-year. But, while most businesses have some form of cybersecurity in place, surprisingly few have a standalone cyber insurance policy.

What’s holding the UK’s small businesses back? In our latest guide, we look at the key cyber insurance trends set to shape 2023. And, what’s stopping SMEs from taking out insurance?

What’s covered?

We’re taking a deep dive into all things cyber insurance, including:

  • The obstacles to SMEs adopting specialist cyber insurance
  • An overview of the current cyber insurance market
  • The key trends determining the future of the industry
  • Why, when it comes to cybersecurity, prevention is better than the cure

So, if you’re considering cyber insurance or just curious as to what it’s all about, check out our guide, Cyber Insurance Trends 2023. It’s a great introduction to the industry and you can download it, for free, here.

Cyber insurance trends