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Alliance partnerships with CyberSmart

Combine cutting-edge technology, deep expertise in cybersecurity, and industry-leading SME business protection to help your customers scale and grow

At CyberSmart, we believe that fostering strategic alliances is integral to driving innovation and making a significant impact on society. Collaborating with like-minded organisations enables us to deliver tailored solutions, address evolving threats, and create a safer digital environment together.

The preferred choice for leading brands around the UK

Who we work with

We partner with all kinds of organisations, big or small. If you’ve got a passion for protecting SMEs, we’ve got a partnership for you.

Why partner with us



Shared Vision
Align with us on our mission to revolutionise cybersecurity and promote a safer digital landscape for businesses and individuals


Combined Expertise
Pool our collective expertise to develop comprehensive solutions that address diverse business challenges effectively


Innovation & Synergy
Combine strengths and resources to drive innovation, exploring new possibilities to fortify digital security


Industry Impact
Create a broader industry impact by leveraging joint initiatives, research, and shared knowledge


Cutting-edge solutions
Access innovative cybersecurity tools and solutions designed to address modern digital threats

The benefits of partnering with CyberSmart

Target a new market

Market to our customer base of over 5,000 UK SMEs and IT providers around the UK 

Leverage our partner network

Draw on the expertise of our 800+ partners and get an expert soundboard for your launch ideas

Promotions and free products

Enjoy free licenses for our products and get access to partner-only promotions to boost your revenue

Joint business planning

Collaborate on financial goals, growth and shared business initiatives engineered towards profitability

Co-marketing opportunities

Out-of-the-box marketing campaigns and joint initiatives to generate exposure for your business

Deep insights into customer behaviour

Get exclusive insights into your customer’s behaviour; identify areas of growth or mitigate churn through partner-dedicated dashboards

Exclusive customer discounts

Offer your customer’s money off cybersecurity products and ensure they’re protected from cyber threats

Insights and Updates

Stay informed with exclusive industry insights, webinars and updates

Our products

Deliver Cyber Essentials certification within as little as 24 hours and give your customers protection from 99.80% of common attacks. Certification is quick and easy in our proprietary digital platform with the added benefit of unlimited support and attempts to ensure that they pass, fast.

Protect your customers with Active Protect and access extensive vulnerability and device configuration scanning, policy management, organisational health scores and cyber security awareness training.

Get protection 24/7, 365 days a year with our complete cybersecurity offering

Secure your customers with our Ransomware and Recovery Toolbox, proven to defend businesses against the unexpected.

Extensive risk and business continuity plans enable fast response to unforeseen events and combined with our free £100k cyber insurance, guarantee you’ll have the right things in place, should the worst happen.

Offer Cyber Essentials Plus and give your customers the added assurance of a security configuration audit. Our accredited auditors will take your customers through certification controls and simulate attacks in real-time to test their defences and identify any gaps.

Maintain customer compliance with our Privacy Toolbox.

Manage Subject Access Requests in our intuitive workflow, enforce GDPR policies and keep your customers protected from non-compliance.

Grow with us

The UK SME cybersecurity
market is set to reach

by 2029

Total global cost of
cybercrime will rise by

by 2028

The UK IT services
market is set to grow

between 2023-2028

Ready to explore partnership opportunities with CyberSmart?

Register your interest below and a member of our partnerships team will be in contact.


What is a CyberSmart Alliance Partner?

CyberSmart Alliance Partners are organisation that collaborate with CyberSmart to create a safer digital society. If your goal is to protect small business then we’d like to hear from you.

How do I become a Cybersmart Alliance Partner?

Get in touch! You can do so via this page or by emailing