Cyber Essentials: A BIG step in the journey towards GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance became a legal requirement in May 2018 and was put in place to bring transparency and homogenise data privacy laws for citizens in the European Union. The regulation holds organisations responsible for data breaches and imposes heavy fines on them if they are found guilty of poor security measures. The UK Data Privacy Act of 2018 makes GDPR a legal requirement for all businesses.

This higher degree of accountability means organisations need to take action and strengthen their security and protection for personal data. Cyber Essentials is a simple, government-backed scheme that will help businesses, whatever their size, to protect their data against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

In this article, we explain how Cyber Essentials can help you on your path towards full GDPR compliance.  

Why would achieving Cyber Essentials help?

Cyber Essentials, a UK government-backed scheme administered through the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). The scheme provides five basic controls to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks. The NCSC claims Cyber Essentials can help eliminate the risk of 80% of cyber attacks.

The aim of Cyber Essentials is to provide a baseline standard for businesses to safeguard sensitive data, which aligns to the primary concerns addressed by both the European Union regulations and the UK law. The regulation of GDPR in the UK and the notification of all data breaches is delivered via the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The technical controls of Cyber Essentials help you demonstrate to the ICO that you are on the right path towards GDPR compliance.

It is important to note that Cyber Essentials does not ensure total compliance with GDPR, as GDPR is a comprehensive regulation that requires businesses to safeguard personal data. All organisations that handle personal information of EU citizens must comply with the GDPR. Achieving a Cyber Essentials certification is a big initial step towards GDPR compliance. However, businesses still need to take further action after this. See our blog post on GDPR certification.

How can CyberSmart help?

CyberSmart is an automated compliance service that helps organisations become compliant with standards such as Cyber Essentials and GDPR. We provide ongoing compliance, helping businesses protect themselves against emerging cyber threats.

As a certified provider, CyberSmart guides and assists organisations in achieving various standards of compliance. We recognise flaws in your existing security policies and recommend best practices.

Our well-tested process ensures you meet the security requirements of these standards. We take away the stress of understanding and evaluating the requirements of each standard from you.


Cyber Essentials is a great first step towards GDPR compliance. However, it is just one step of the journey. Organisations need to adopt a cybersecurity solution that can scale and adapt according to their growing needs.

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