The journey of a customer query at CyberSmart

Inside the CyberSmart customer support experience with Francis Kontor, our Technical Support Lead.

One of the things we are most proud of at CyberSmart is the feedback we get from our customers about the personal support we offer them. We work hard at it because we know how important it is for our clients. We are working with small businesses, some with only a few employees and no real IT staff or expertise.

Francis Kontor, Technical Support Lead

The world of cybersecurity can look daunting from the outside and our job is to make the process of protection as easy and understandable as possible. We do this in a few ways.

We get all kinds of requests from our customers and over time we’ve had to expand the skillsets we use to respond to them. That has meant creating both a general customer support team and a more technical one for product-specific queries. During the course of my career, I have noticed the misconception end users have in regards to what technical supports role is within an organisation and what customer support role is and if they are the same.

Of course, from a customer experience perspective, these appear as one and the same. After all, customers don’t mind who they speak to about their issue, they just want it resolved as quickly as possible so they can move on with their day.

In this article, we give a bit of a behind the scenes look at how we process customer queries at CyberSmart so we can make sure the right expert is addressing the right questions as quickly as possible.

Customer Support vs Technical Support

Our customer support is split into two main areas: Customer Success and Technical Support.

Customer Success are the friendly team answering our phones and online chats. They do the initial fielding of questions and offer support on everything non-technical within the non-technical customer experience (payment, planning, general questions).

Any questions relating to our product (how to install it, how to configure, etc.) are answered by the Technical Support team in order for our customers to get the best value out of our product.

First-line support

When a customer gets in touch, the first level of support they receive is from the Customer Success team. They manage our FAQs page and knowledge base and use it as a tool to help customers find the answers they need for common queries. First-line support handles 40%-60% of end-user queries. They have a basic understanding of the product and the business but they aren’t technicians so if there’s a question they can’t answer about the product, they pass it on to the second-line of support.

Second-line support (Complex Queries/Problems)
When a ticket is escalated to second line support this usually means the query or problem requires more in-depth technical knowledge of the product.

Third-line support (Bespoke support)
Third-line support largely deals with tickets that require a bespoke solution for the organisation which is experiencing technical difficulties with our product. This means we might work directly with the engineering team to build a solution to a problem for a customer. After all, if they have that need, it’s likely others do too.

What is Technical Support?

Technical support is what product-focused organisations like CyberSmart use to help our MSPs & direct partners get the most out of our product. Typically, we receive queries via live chat, emails, or phone calls. We resolve technical issues such as installation (PC, MAC & mobile), dashboard login errors, and other technical issues that are causing headaches for our customers.

A third-line of support question might be something around need to do a mass installation of our app to many sites but not knowing how to configure their RMM. If we got a request like this from an MSP, we would work to build them a custom solution for mass installation that they could use for our apps and others.

In summary, CyberSmart’s support team is not a call centre stocked with rote answers to simple questions. We also have the capacity to help the vision of our customers come true by making the CyberSmart product fit their needs.

Cyber security is essential for business today but the process of protection doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. CyberSmart was built for non-technical businesses to serve as a full cyber security team in one product with top-notch customer support. Start protecting your business today.